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Appalachian Crone's Photo Appalachian Crone 21 Oct 2006

AIM and Wounded Knee Documents

Arlo Looking Cloud Court Transcripts

Cherokee Stomp Dance

Cherokee By Blood

Cherokee Stomp Dance Information

Cherokee Creation Stories (Kanáti and Selu)

Ghost Dance Religion

Lakota and Apache Words

Indian Country Today

Lakota Vocabulary

Lakota Words

Native American Lore

Sacred Colors

Pow Wow (PowWows.com)

Sitting Bull

The Legend Of Tsali

*this is only a partial listing. I will post more at a later date. Feel free to post links to your favorite Native American websites. Please post only Native American sites in this thread. If someone would like to start a resource page for other Indigenous Paths I will gladly make their resource thread a sticky.

vulnera's Photo vulnera 21 Oct 2006

those are great links...

here are some more from my archives..

fremont culture and rock art:

mayan ball court info:

native american geneology records:

edward curtis photos:

edward curtis "north american indian" site

kumeyaay info: