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Archangel Chamuel And The Candy Pink Ray

Posted by SuccubusSherry, in Fiction Writing And The Occult 17 December 2018 · 42 views

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Archangel Chamuel And The Candy Pink Ray My author page on Facebook has been called Candy Pink Ray for a long time now. When I became a fiction writer four years ago, I decided to create something that would express the vibration that I wanted to work on. So I invented the Pink Ray of Affection- or so I thought. Now, as I have only just discovered, it seems that there is already a Pink Ray headed by Archangel Chamuel, which means that I didn’t do my research well enough. Don’t know much about this Archangel Chamuel; all I know is that I didn’t mean to steal his ray! ( Or her ray: most of the pictures look feminine.) Having belatedly done a small amount of research, I can’t find Chamuel as a classical angel, only as one in the New Age movement.

Anyway, this is how it happened. All the occultists and magicians I admire, like Rufus Opus, Aaron Leitch and Jake Stratton-Kent, speak of only seven planetary rays which correspond with the seven colours of the rainbow: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These correlate with the seven planets and the seven notes of the musical scale. All the universal correspondences fit together, and it leaves no room for a pink ray, a brown ray, a turquoise ray or anything else. When you read Pagan articles about candle magic you find that the colours don’t always correspond with these seven and sometimes they will include a variation such as a turquoise or pink candle. Yet despite this, I still honestly thought the Pink Ray was an innovation of mine.

One of the meanings of my candy pink ray is the red ray with some white light added to it. I believe that many millennia ago when I first started to incarnate, I came from the red ray. However, the pure white has been a strong influence on me, and the way that I like to write is with positive themes and positive plot outcomes.

It also relates to a candy stick wand. This is associated with the Holly King, a Pagan god who I have had a lot of contact with in meditations, who is one of the sources behind Father Christmas. A candy stick wand can be quite phallic! In my scheme I use it primarily to represent a kind of Big Rock Candy Mountain, a pleasant astral realm which is like a fairground but which unfortunately people cannot be kept in for very long. They have to move to areas of greater conflict in order to progress. It’s a shame- I would like them to be there forever.

The New Age is sometimes seen as a rival or an opposite of Chaos Magic. My writing partner, the chaos muse Ino, is more of a demon or fey and she is not very cute and pink. However, like me she prefers to write positive themes and her writing style is extremely cultured. We both think works of fiction should be inspiring which makes us very compatible together. So there should be room for us as well on the Pink Ray. Maybe I’ll get in contact and ask Chamuel to collaborate with us, although possibly what I would get wouldn’t be a classical archangel but an egregore that has reorganized into a new person, in response to modern-day spiritual practises. Also I’ll watch my wording in future, so that I no longer say I invented the Pink Ray!

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