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Faery Tale 07 July 2017

I wanted to have a discussion on the fae and elves. We talk about them in many terms including seelie and unseelie. I was wanting people to share their own experience on this page. Please don't seek them out is very perilous and I am more interested in the experience of those with heavy involvement over long periods of time especially over many years. I suspect the seelie are less different than the unseelie and may in at least some cases be the same beings playing tricks all fae being prone to glamour and deception. They are too sexually focused. They have been accused of breeding programs. One reason for this is more males than females are born. Female babies are more likely to make it full term. They survive infancy and childhood better. It is only through longevity that females out number males. These breeding programs are not actually flattering though they may be deceptively seemingly so at first. The fae and elves have been labeled demons by the church. That never bothered me because how the church treats the unknown. There have been occultist who thought they were fallen angels but not truly demonic. At least one citing that they are overlayed with earth instead of residing in hell. Hell biblically however is not clearly yet in existence and there is debate. One possible reference to hell existing in present tense is Jesus battled satan for the three days he was dead. According to the apostles creed this took place in hell. I do not know what the bible it's self says. Satan walks the earth as do manydemons. Purgatory is biblical and not just a catholic reference. There is Abraham's bosom for prelude to heaven. As a psychic I feel both over overlayed with our plane and most spirits are just quiet. In the bible those in both holding grounds see each other and interact. Those in purgatory are able to ask for help from the saved but the saved can not give it. God and angels do however live in heaven. Angels in my experience are not that big on interacting in noticeable ways even when invited. I find angels invisibly help but only at God's request and don't like contacted directly. Angels are nontricky and ask gratitude go to God. That seems to be in part for our protection. Lest we interact with a demon. Have you ever asked a seelie fae to give thanks to the creator. I find no matter how positive the fae or elf seems if I keep focus on the word creator they go batshit. Other words to try are holy spirit which to me has no necessarily Christian meaning. As long as I keep it to the true creator they get angry it comes around to Christianity then they pick at deep wounds inflicted on me supposedly by the word of God. I then get tormented into blasphemy. This is not my actual name. I will make another blog where these stories will be made much more anonymous. Be warned you will not get rid of them on your own if you have been working with them for sometime. I have contacted the order of exorcists and am becoming Christian. I am having much trouble with the conversion because I loved being a witch with healing ways. Please be open and faery faith folks use caution but gear it to were they must thank the one true creator. They can't do it. They among other things find outs. When that's denied they flip. Seelie fae have now tried to get me to sell my soul. I'm normally a normal functional person. My only mental illness symptoms pertain to fae and elves. I was a highly compent psychic with good remote viewing capabilities. Back when psychic chatrooms were in vogue I was very sought out for accuracy. Please evaluate your own experience and ask do they really have a right to exercise the level of control they have over beliefs. Also are the results in your life strangely deceptive. Do you seem to do better than you feel in a way that should make you Suspicious. Is it right to test people's trust with fear. Is it possible you've been gullible. How do they feel if you tell them you don't appreciate their emphasis on sexual boundary crossing. Do they in the end insult you if you refuse sexual fantasy. Do they make everything you think about them out to be about you hate yourself. These are abusive techiques easily missed when they can seem so pleasant. I'm very nonjudgemental towards sexuality but have my things I find to be natural to me. They tried to make my sexuality out to be negative because I won't be a breeder. Do they try to tell you you cant have boundaries. Boundaries are a show of respect. Boundaries are not necessarily about fear. Sorry for the quality of this writing. I have just moved and am on my phone as i do not yet have services.


Jennifercleansskyclad, Jul 07 2017 11:57 PM

I'm sorry if it seemed like I was advertising services. I'm not selling readings. I'm trying to start serious public discourse on the nature of elves and fae. The Church has at times been paranoid even burning Jews. Fluff bunnies make strange debunkable claims and tell people to ask them for ultimately selfish things. Cardinal rules are advised to broken by the fluffy. I was once someone who regarded the serious faery and elven path people highly and was one of them. I have many stories. However serious questions need answered. Some fae and elves have even confessed some of peoples cherished experiences with them are cruel jokes. There are many so called faery queens. The term for a female cat is queen in reference not to a courtly queen but an old english term for morally loose woman. Much of the bad mental health and narcism of these people is cruel jokes. They favor abusing former sex abuse victims telling them they are healing them but they never truly get better. They make many trade offs and have high rates of substance abuse and many huge deficits however seem on many levels worthy of immense respect. However it comes down to a form of victim baiting.

Spida, Jul 12 2017 03:39 AM

You said:

"Angels in my experience are not that big on interacting in noticeable ways even when invited. I find angels invisibly help..."

In my experience as well. I have yet to receive any miraculous physical manifestation, and don't really expect one anyways. They do leave clues, signs and messages though. I get a lot of those.