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The Order Of The Magi Of The Sacred Heart Of Christ - Books, Info, Vids.

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The Order Of The Magi Of The Sacred Heart Of Christ - Books, Info, Vids. About: This "order,". I have created as a sort of subgroup of OC for Christians, who are spiritual, occultists, mystics, visionaries, or just looking for a network of powerful and educated men and women who work with God as understood in the Bible, and so YHVH, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, as well as perhaps Christian celestial lesser powers like angels and departed saints. I wanted to create this online order to meet other Christians on OC and provide a place for solitaries like me to request prayer, share meditative insights, book lists, and even work conjoined magical rituals. I also am primarily in ability a healer, and wish any Christian, or man or woman period, which requests aid to provide it via prayer or ritual, under divination unto the Lord, to confirm whether it is eithical, and proper to the individual or group request.

Mission: To love, to be wise as serpents, gentle as doves, to instruct the ignorant, to learn, to find out, to share and communicate the Christian mysteries, to provide a spiritual outlet to hermits, solitaries, groups, street prophets, spiritual Christian churches and members, and anyone else interested. To work the wonders of Christ and our spiritual natures and nature (Earth).

Paradigm: Universal Protestant, is the direction I lean, though all who love the Lord, and his son Jesus Christ, are welcome. Universal Protestantism is taking the Bible in whole, but especially the Protestant cannon of texts, and finding the universal theme behind the mysteries of eternity, heaven, earth, and hell. So that, yes there is the fall, Jesus dying for the sins of creation, to all who accept his grace, the final judgement, then universalism, where, "every knee shall bow, ever tongue confess, that Christ is Lord," "beating their swords to plowshares, so nations shall not know war anymore," "the lion laying with the lamb," and truly "all things shall be fulfilled through Christ," as "all things were created by him through the mouth of righteousness and shall not return," and "one day the son shall submit unto the father and God will be all in all."

The Bible in this way dispite its contradictions and confusion among men and use for ill, is seen quite strange in this age, and will be understood indivually on the seekers, genius, knowledge, insight, meditation and contemplation, prayer, and freewill. Generally high prostestantism for instance sees the world as both the centerpiece of creation and flat, though only sort of as this gets dimensional, depending on ones understanding of inner and outer worlds, and heaven and even hell on earth. In general though being as we must be like little Children to enter the kingdom of heaven, being loving, good natured, and thinking magically verses rationally about these concepts, and so the Bible is favored. Think like an ancient, the earth is flat, there are mythic aspects to heaven and earth, and Angels, magicians, wise men, and mythic creatures as well as the common world is earth. Look up YouTube sightings of angels, mysterious people walking on the clouds, etc, it begins not hard to believe in an ordinary but extraordinary world. Miracles and magic ones begins to really perceive. The astral or heavenly mind of a child must be balanced with strength, rationality, independence, and ego of the adult though.

Religious Books: The Holy Bible, either KJV or American, or NRSV, I have most trust in, especially as study Bibles, like the Harper Collins. Apocrypha, Esoteric texts, books taken out of the Bible or included in non Protestant bibles, like the Catholic, East Orthodox, Catholic, or Ethiopian, bibles, magical, spiritual, mystical literature of not just Christianity, but even Jesus or YHVH as viewed by Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc, can as well be studied. The list goes on, but striking to pro spiritual Protestant literature is best.

Magic and Mysticism Books: Early Churches, sacred mounds and sciences of converted pagan, Coptic Christian Magic, medieval Christian magic, the writings of the saints and mystics and visionaries. Even inventors, and heretical groups, can all inspire and teach. Really though magic is magic, and the common practice of ritual, symbolism, spirit, intelligence, vital force, etc, and its direction through nature is plainly explained in this age especially. The only real difference, is we do not practice pagan and so worshiping anyone but God in his father, son, Holy Spirit, aspect, nor diabolical, nor idols, especially in this age psychological idols, like cults, misinformation, new age, philosophical, etc. When drawing upon Holy power, let alone mental, astral, and physical power, for magic verses miracle. Miracle and magic are not easily divided and prayer can be destructive or deadly, as the most evil satanic ritual. Magic is more the person, and so earth, and miracle more God and the soul and so heavenly. Though there was never nor should there be a clear definition. Spiritual power is spiritual power.

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