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Selflessness, Selfishness, And The Harmony, Of Nature And God.

09 April 2019 - 07:34 AM

Many of us spiritual folk suffer from a sort of work a holicism, in spirituality, lethargy and depression. Existence exists, most is good. Live a little.

The Myth Of The Evolution Of The Species, And Spiritual Supermen.

09 April 2019 - 07:31 AM

Evolution is accepted even by many Christians these days as fact. But has anyone yet witnessed a man come from a monkey, a bird from a reptile, a dog from a rat?

There is change and growth, if that's evolution fine. Even adaption. But dispite the metal age would have you think, not everything starts a minute particle and there is a God and his creative facilities and so creation, not just the 'universe.'

The Qlippoth, Creation, And What It Means To You.

09 April 2019 - 07:25 AM

Eastern based mysticism, seem to imply depending on school, relativity and absolute differ, and to obtain nondualism, one must cease even ones existence!

Western, especially Biblical mysticism, comes from a differing line of thought. God is not so impersonal he can not be known, but is through Jesus Christ, both as logos, or divine law, word, and pattern, the Jacobs ladder between heaven and earth, God and mankind.

A real astonishing insight I had meditating upon my lord, was there technically is no such thing as duality, not within God or in creation. That would imply an absolute separation of one thing from another.

It is sin, the construct of hell, hell on earth, and this artifice, shell, or evil, the lord never wanted, which creates men to believe they are dual. In a healthy illuminated mind, one sees harmony between trillions and then some, and abstract inbetweens and subjective beyonds, and not absulte dualism.

Thus eastern thought seems lost in transcendence and annihilation, where as western seeks immanence.

My Order - The Magi Of The Sacred Heart Of Christ

18 February 2019 - 07:05 AM

About me: As a young boy I loved role playing games, some strategy, and adventurer platformers and still do. I love the ancient world, the medieval, and some modernism. I was raised in a Protestant Christian family, and at around age 12, began dabbling in magic. I love warhammer wargaming, rock and roll, especially power metal, was born lower middle class American, with wealthy grandparents, and at age 14 began dabbling with black Magick, became severely anorexic, and was heavily into fantasy necromancy and outer space. I recovered quite miraculously from anorexia, and believed God had saved me. This began my spiritual quest. I got a GED, a drivers license, and have over the years taken many, but passed a portion of college classes, my favorite activity at college not the curriculum but the library. I developed severe OCD at 16 and at 21 became schizophrenic. Schizophrenia in particular is an interesting disease as it's a total curse, but allows one to live in the astral highly. What is real or reflection, takes real mental discernment and power, and I use medication as well. I've seen a fairy, had numerous visitations from angels, gods, demons and ghosts, which have been confirmed by my mentally stable friends as real occurances. I've dwelled, in wonderland, machine worlds, the Abyss, hell, Sheol the realm of the departed, talked with saints, the twilight zone, and many trips to heaven. And no I haven't a clue what all this is real. I ground in 21st century earth. I've done and can do many magical feats, and most here respect me as an adept if not master. I've been through the unspeakable horrors of true evil, and bled and done much good for myself and the world in charity, wisdom, kindness and support. My adventurers in Chaos lead me to the Lord of Chaos Lucifer himself, where as Christ punished severely but saved me, the Lord of Order. I mean no harm. I'm free spirited and loving, and wisdom and truth I earned in the most extreme way, save not being here anymore in this world. Now I'm starting my order of spiritual seekers, beginners, adepts, wizards and warriors, and people of heart, truth, severity, but love.

First I require anyone who joins this order, to read the entire bible.

Then I suggest a study bible, and we will be leaning on the universalism and Protestant some Catholic and East Orthodox, interpretations of the Church.

After the Bible has been if only lightly read once, these are the books I want the order to read.

Raising Hell, Christianities most controversial doctrine put under fire.

Shades of Sheol.

The book of Giants, the Watchers, Nephilim and books of Enoch.

The Case for Christ.

A Flood of Evidence, Noah's ark.

Books about flat, round, and hollow earths, and Neoplatonist emaninations.

Thousands not Billions, challenging the age of the earth.

Bones of Contention, a creationists examination of evolution.

Then the work begins. Begin reading books like Magical Healing, Psychic Self Defense, The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer, Cunninghams non Wicca specific books on herbs, gems, etc, Three Books Occult Philosophy, The Golden Dawn, Eliphas Levi's books, and stay away from most new age, pagan, neopagans, and especially eastern occultism and religion, you have been warned. They are false doors, not acceptable for this order.

Our goal, is to mainly love. Love our neighbor, love ourselves, and be wise. There is much confusion in these times, and it is the opinion of many Christians, including myself, that Christ and the final revelation is occurring and has been but will occur as a world event very soon according to important biblical prophecies and world events which have almost taken place.

The highest grade in this order is immortality. I am aware of the apostle john, and yes he's really lived nearly 2,000 years. If you remember he is encountered in Indiana Jones. A secret legend, but plain as day in the Bible. I mention this as this is an order if love, wisdom, and life. If you are looking for magical power, go somewhere else. Abilities are fun, but without wisdom just black, and you will be taken into hell.

Sacred blood of Jesus, his heart. John 3:16

We are not equals in this order, this is a heierarchy of knights, journeymen, rouges, wizards, adepts, sages, scholars and historians, priests, monks and nuns. Our Church is God's Church.

Charismatic Faith, Spiritual Science, And The Ceremonial Tradition Of Christianity.

18 February 2019 - 05:41 AM

All these seem hot topics among Christians. Charismatic faith miracles and supernatural power being favored highly, but highly chaotic and unpredictable. The more intelligent, educated or mindful Christians seek to use science to understand and direct the power of God, and power of God in men, but it's a very early movement, and like the ceremonial, runs into pseudoscience, then finally the ceremonial, so easily seems manipulated by the satanist lhpers, and questioned, borrowed and obscured by the naturalists and nonbelieving pagans. It really makes one both a nutcase and a rouge on both sides the world and Church to be a ceremonialist anymore. Plus it's extremely dangerous, to be a true Magi, and God himself, not even the devil or the world is ones greatest adversary, as the lord does not throw pearls before swine. I've seen fairies and angels, ghosts, and monsters, and the imaginary and unknown, the most dangerous demon of all. Bless you all brothers and sisters, amen.