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ChaosTech's Blog > The Order Of The Magi Of The Sacred Heart Of Christ - Books, Info, Vids.

Posted 12 March 2019

About: This "order,". I have created as a sort of subgroup of OC for Christians, who are spiritual, occultists, mystics, visionaries, or just looking for a network of powerful and educated men and women who work with God as understood in the Bible, and so YHVH, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, as well as perhaps Christian celestial lesser...

ChaosTech's Blog > The Magus - The Spiritual Destiny Of Man (Upcoming Book)

Posted 12 December 2012

There is a sample of this book I am writing now. Please download and share your constructive input.

Source: The Magus - The Spiritual Destiny Of Man - Upcoming Book

ChaosTech's Blog > Eternity fathomed! The study of motion.

Posted 23 February 2012

All is motion, vibration, movement, change, transformation, etc. There isn't anything that lies perfectly still, save the Infinite itself, and that's kind of a tricky one, as yes it doesn't move, but that's because it's absolute speed, and some of it slows down or starts moving as we call it, and creates the entire cosmos, reaching all...