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The Realm Of Philosophy

09 November 2018 - 04:50 PM

I was reading about Cartesian Dualism, and comparing what I read to my own notes, and I started to find some disputes in what I was seeing. Then I started working on a better way to explain how the Soul and the Mind function, and address whether there is a separation.

The Truth of it is that it doesnt matter if they are separate. It doesnt matter if its material, unless your job is to find it with some tool. It doesnt matter because what is a Soul in light of life? Is it a thing that moves beyond here? Do you think this process is ungoverned? If you think we are in control of our Soul, then you will admit that what you do is important for its development. If you think it was created separate, then you know that it could become anything, and what we do matters very little, in the end- at least when it comes to its destiny. The Truth is that I am a living thing right now, and this consciousness may or may not transcend death, and we would assume that who we are is who we will be in the next phase of existence, to some degree or other- that means that we aught to be concerned about who we are. In the end, that is the only take away from considering Soul. Mind, on the other hand, is a huge untapped thing to worry about, for if my mind is not in line with what I believe I aught to be, then I suffer, and that is why psychology is important. Psychology, though, is nothing without Spirituality, because the psychological state of success relies on my belief in what is Good, which is a purely Spiritual element.

The Formula For Truth

05 November 2018 - 05:36 AM

The Truth is that we want to be free, but more True than our liberty is our need to co-operate for our survival. So, we cannot be as free as we would like. In this restrained system, we need to work to protect ourselves, and we need to work together so that we survive as a whole, because we are one entity as a species that unites and governs our share of the Earth. Another Truth is that pain and harm, aggression, violence and anger are offensive. As we move about, we need to protect our freedom, and not harm others, or insult them with angry action, because that is bad Wisdom. Violence begets violence, and causing harm creates an enemy, and an enemy will have revenge. This cycle needs to stop. When we unite in the name of Love, as in a relationship of some nature, we need to follow these rules, and the social contract should be as revered as the contract that we enter for those we Love. This will create a world united, and Good, and in line with what Man naturally knows and wants.

I Performed A Ritual Of The Magister Templi

31 October 2018 - 10:13 PM

Today I spent about an hour in the state of imagining what the end result of the Magister Grade would create in the mind of a magician. I had pushed this idea a few months ago with some interesting results, and then backed out of it because what I was doing to prove or disprove this theory was dangerous.

So what this grade represents is the idea that God is directly communicating to you, individually, potentially at any time. I had already come to this awareness in my initiation, after seeing certain things that were beyond normal accident.

Today after thinking deeply about the creation of life and the reason for it, and recognizing that there is a real possibility that I am experiencing an attempt at creating me in some test tube, I sat in the state of deciding that I was a potential citizen of some other place and time. This is a key to a few different rites and traditions, and taken to its extreme, it provides the mage with the idea that all that is, is constructed by a God (or potential parent) specifically to see if you are worthy of birth.

I think I will leave this post here and let you contemplate this idea.

There Is A Silence.

26 October 2018 - 04:45 PM

Beyond the Poets springboard
Beyond the Lovers ambition
Beyond the contemplation of Nothing
And beyond the pursuit of All

There is a silence.
Its depth is deeper than any Abyss, for an Abyss has no depth, just infinite falling.
In this silence lies emotion; the spiritual awareness of Chaos, and vastness of space
It begins with the Abyss, but it has ground
That ground is; absence.

And in this silence comes a rest, a submission
A silent recognition that All Is.

So go and hunt the God
Call on the spirits, raise the dead
Do what you can to contact the Divine
And fight those Demons.
Beg of those Angels
Swing thy sword

When the battle is over, the field will shine with crimson
and there will be nothing but the warmth of the Sun.

I Am Declaring A New Law.

25 October 2018 - 02:58 AM

Greetings. I am Mskied, a Magus, and a Prophet, an Angel and a Demon. I am god and man and son. I have examined the old Law of Thelema, and I have found that its spirit is disagreeable to me. I am declaring a new Law. The new Law is Do Not Obstruct. Consider your rights under this Law, and the rights of your fellow Man, and you will see that this satisfies not only our sense of Love, but our sense of Liberty. It allows for invention and discovery, for agreement, and disagreement, and for ownership of property and Will. It also stops the promotion of unfair and riotous behavior, which should encourage the end of the ignorance of this so called Chaos Magick once and for all. There is no Chaos, there is only Truth, and objectives, and attempts and discussion. I have spoken, so let it be, Amen.