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Some Poetry, I Suppose

04 April 2019 - 11:44 PM

I like to fancy that I can write poetic ramblings, some work and others... I am not sure. Often I find myself issuing a challenge in my writings, but what I should probably do is expose the folly of bad choices, and talk about the Universe and Her justice. For now I will leave this, and might come back later to post more.

[left]How do you do, oh knave?
I see that sword you bravely wave!
It shines and is bright and Im sure it cuts!
What dragon will you slay today?

Or is it weeds that you cut with your shiny blade?
Is it a path you forge through jungles?
Will you use it on beast and Man, or vegetation and, how can you tell which is which?

We are able to navigate it with our little vessel
And in it we find TRUTH and LIE
And only our heart can tell us what those are

When the heart is open it sees with the True Eye
And the mind, busy at cataloging what the heart knows
Conjures in the magicians cauldron, ideas
Which form into words, by the grace of the Gods that gave us language

And what do you suppose the Gods of language desire?
Why this gift, of earth and fire?
Do they want you to cut thru the black, to find the dragon and attack?
And how do you know, without the heart, at what you aim
Where do you start?

You start with what is, and what has been said
The thoughts and designs that lay on our head
This is what we are at the Mercy of,
And is this Good for God above?

Every child knows Truth
And many Man deny it

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Farewell Corpus

11 February 2019 - 08:35 AM

It has been brought to my attention that I am not welcome in this place any longer, and I appreciate why. This is not really the forum for what I attempt. Its true that I do not have a legitimate education, I have something else; its called experience. I could tell you about it but it matters little to the scholarly type that frequent this place.

I had hoped to aid other initiates but I have trouble finding any. I had hoped to inspire real adepts but I dont see that happening.

You have told me your observation of my effort and now it is my turn to tell you mine of you. This world is filled with blase compromised minds. You are surrounded by people that have sold out to acquiring power and comfort, and the real Truth that we live for, and that will save us, is smothered in lies. The lie of money, the lie of authority, the lie of security. We need these lies to form a society, apparently, and so the trained individuals that do not want to risk their wealth will work to stop people like myself, True Prophets, from reaching anyone.

I have said a lot of things here, done a lot of public speculation while assembling my own understanding, hoping to take others along on my journey that they might re-imagine their compromised state and become inspired to start anew. A lot of what I have speculated on is mystical, and has no real bearing on day to day, but I leave it here and there for people to hear. Ive seen that this is secret information and know that because it is so, there will be ignorant minds that do not know its value.

In parting I want to send a plea to anyone that has earned their share. You know what we do not know, and you know what is missing in our education. If you feel that it is just, and safe, to leave the general public ignorant, then that is your choice, and may God have mercy on you for doing so. There is a great responsibility that comes with knowledge, and the wise will be judged with more firmness than the ignorant, so keep that in mind as you go about your way acquiring the wealth and privilege that you have grown accustomed to.

To my fellow Man, please understand; this world is not meant for the Good. It is meant for a selfish method of life that will harm you, and there are people that know this and do not care about you. You yourself probably do not realize how ignorant you are to this cause and the effect it has on our brethren. I have publicly debated if this is the design of the Gods, and it is, but is it the design of the creator? It is hard to say. Consider what you would think if you were above looking below at all that we do, and all that we do not do.

I have done my best, 20 years or more of working and experiencing and debating and practice- and I have left a trail of my ideas across as wide a path as I could muster. My opportunities to express myself have become quite limited, and I take this as the final curtain for these efforts, and so I hope that it has aided some. My future endeavors will be other attempts on a larger scale. Until then I will continue to post my ideas on my facebook page: Markus Malarkus. Feel free to browse what I reveal there should you be so inclined.

Good day

What Do You Think Of This Creed?

09 February 2019 - 05:17 AM

Man must have their freedom to invent, the freedom to create the life they desire for themselves. So long as that freedom does not inhibit other individuals liberty, health and wealth, it should be allowed. Were there to be two of Man that come together and agree to engage in activity that would ruin these components, then it is not my place to interfere, unless it impedes those components for me. Man has the right to earn and deserves to keep what they earn. All Man deserves the same opportunity and access to knowledge that will provide for their ability to earn. In a democracy, Man will be forced to submit to the majority, who may decide to part with some of their earnings to aid those that cannot earn, such as the elderly and the disabled. All of Man has the right to earn, and access to the tools that are available to Man so that they can produce. A Truly Good Man of this system will work to provide Wisdom as to how to take advantage of these laws so as to earn for themselves.

I Am Proposing A New Tree Of Life

05 January 2019 - 05:41 PM

Hi. Well, after deliberating on the classic tree for about 20 years, and climbing my way up to Wisdom, and considering the lower animal nature, and how we are supposed to transcend it- I realized that the entire tree is flawed. The current tree is based upon an animal nature, and it doesnt attain to a Wisdom that portrays a level of humanity that we have declared to be more in line with knowledge and reason. Therefor I am making the following adjustments:

Strength will now be known as endurance
Victory will now be known as success
Splendor will now be known as gratitude

thank you.

Magick Is Illusion

01 January 2019 - 08:28 PM

There is much to study in the realm of Magick, and there are many doors to other sciences within it, but as a philosophy, it is illusion. The only power you gain from its study in life knowledge is the strength to defeat other illusions, and the power to impose a fearsome understanding over the ignorant. When it comes to ignorance, there is the lack of experience, and there is the lack of knowing just action- do not confuse them. Magick as a philosophy of enlightenment, in its current state, can easily lead to ignorance of the unjust nature. In the magicians eyes this is not ignorance, for the conventional law is liberty and will- the spirit and freedom to do what is desired. This is not ignorance in itself, but in the eyes of others, it might be considered to be. This will depend upon available resources, conventional laws and their fairness, and the attitudes of those around the magician.

Magick is an illusion because none of it is necessary. Any person will find themselves acting in the apparent enlightened state of the magician of Thelema at any time, and this requires no effort. Once the door is opened, however, there is a long list of things to consider to discern what is true, and the most efficient way of doing this is to contest the Law Do What Thou Wilt.

In the end there are points to see that reveal the evolution of Man and their idea of where and what they are, and there are the points of origin for math and science, but they are obscured by the symbolic language of the tradition itself. There is myth, and there is Truth, and there are secrets within secrets- and should you adopt the literal translation, many magicians will scoff- but there is no evidence either way as to the effectiveness of practicing low Magick. It is said, however, that all Magick is illusion, except for the attainment of one particular event- but at the encounter of this event, all becomes illusion. In the end, those that emerge from the Abyss will say that all Magick is illusion, but that it is all very real, and that we must believe in the possibility of these things, for to deny them is ignorance.

When you begin to study keep in mind that there are only kernels of Truth behind every method, and only one idea behind each theory. Seek this out, and you will have a small jewel of Wisdom. The jewel is small, but it is of high value. Still, none of it is necessary, because in the end, the magicians Law is Do What Thou Wilt.

As a parting recommendation, and as someone that has done his share of investigation, I will leave you with the result of my search: Do not obstruct, Love is not free. This is a code of prudence, and it in my sight it is more wise than the Law of liberty. Peace