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In Topic: A Challenge For The Would-Be Christian Mystic

16 April 2019 - 07:45 AM

Id reply to this but you have proven not to be open minded to discussion.

In Topic: The Light And The Dark

08 April 2019 - 07:52 PM

Yes, Ive said all of this elsewhere.

In Topic: The Light And The Dark

08 April 2019 - 06:44 PM

You begin by acknowledging that there is good and evil, then you say that language can be used for both, and I agree- but that does not mean that it is provided to us so that we do both- for it is with reason and observing the results of our actions with our senses (which are led by the impulses you favor in pursuing) in combination with language that we can conquer these things. You seem to be a proponent for this type of thought:

I say that no one overcomes their animal nature, because there is no other nature. We're animals and if we can do a thing, then its in our nature to do; I readily acknowledge the tautology there, as is necessary for any self-evident truth.

Which in my mind means you could care less about good and evil, and want Man to do what they feel feels good to them. Essentially, you have abandoned reason and observation to justify that any action is allowed, as is per the usual chaos magician.

When it comes to a soul, you are right in saying that we have animal souls. That is of no dispute to me, and in that light, God is Satan. But what evolved out of Satan was a concept of another soul- the soul of Man- a soul that is able to draw distinctions from themselves and from the behaviors of animals- something that no other animal is able to do. In this way language is our savior.

In Topic: The Light And The Dark

05 April 2019 - 04:22 PM

Im sure you understand the argument that the "lower" drives are more animal in nature. People will submit to this being the way things are, and do the "animal" things like lust, and fight, and argue, and condemn, and hate, and kill, and all the things animals will do when they arent being cute and furry. The idea of an Alpha is typical of the reasoning behind people wanting to embrace their animal drives- they like the power of authority and command it gives them, and in a lot of ways, the strong will get their way- whether it is by force of by intelligence, the best person will lead. When I say language can stop us from this, Im saying that if you contemplate on the higher virtues- like the Tree of Life, or the fact that desire leads to suffering- and when you can stop yourself from your wandering lustful ways that cause all the conflict you say you tolerate because its natural, then you find that the reason for language is so that we can identify what is Good, and become it. Doesnt is simply make logical sense to say that killing is wrong? That is just one way we defeat the lower animal impulse that comes from lust and hunger. Its pretty easy when you think about what peace and health bring to human life- why should we want to sacrifice our health? Most thinkers call this enlightenment, but the pagan mind says enlightenment is to give in to this law of nature- they see no reason not to, because in their eyes its natural and just, but I have to ask, do the Gods of language agree? Isnt language and reason and recognizing our surroundings and situation lead us to wanting safety and not violence? Isnt that a truly enlightened mind? Yes, we are animals, but we can control it with our Will- we dont have to possess animal Will, we can possess the Will of the peacekeepers, for if we do not, then we are at the mercy of the violent, the strong, the unjust- and do you want to accept that Law? You will die by the Law you live by, and you will pay for what you tolerate. You may not believe in salvation in a spiritual sense, but how about a physical one? Certainly you can see the benefit of such thought. I know for a fact that there is a force in the mind and body that moves us to participate in the animal nature, and I dont deny them their place in life, and the power to influence our actions. These beings have been named a lot of things but the most accessible one in the West is Satan. What is Satan? He is a sensual being- choosing to lead by the pagan drives. He is chaotic, because he provokes a lot of conflict and random knowledge that cant be met with the same reasoning- basically that each person is their own law based on their own understanding. He is also destruction, because peace and prosperity come from working together, not separately. Until you have carefully examined the lustful mind and see how it degrades the value of emotional and intellectual health, you will not understand the message of those that fight it. Imagine making love to produce children than to satisfy some observation of the form or characteristics of your mate. That isnt love making, it is violent, and violence in any form is against the safety and dignity of human life. This is the first step towards acknowledging that we are inherently causing our own anger, hate and war because we dont honestly connect to the reality of another living being. We will never defeat Satan until we can defeat these animal drives, and we will never satisfy the Gods until we prove to revere and respect life. Satan is not God of knowledge or life, he is god of death and confusion. You will die by the God you choose, and so will human beings. We ARE animals, and if you read philosophy as I assume you do, you will see that the great thinkers recognize that this is something to tame, not embrace- for the good of yourself, and ourselves.

In Topic: The Light And The Dark

04 April 2019 - 09:35 PM

They should be different because of our language, and our ability to stop ourselves. Training our minds to understand so that our bodies obey our thoughts. This is possible, contrary to what people say. The only thing Ill mention about it is that there are spiritual forces that provoke us to behave like animals. Are they the Gods? IDK, theyre some sort of Divine creatures. Competition is a good way to move ahead in invention so I will give that to you, but it doesnt have to be at the cost of lives or health in mind and body.