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In Topic: Farewell Corpus

12 February 2019 - 03:17 PM

Tell that to Socrates Sandalphon

In Topic: Farewell Corpus

11 February 2019 - 12:20 PM

The Wisdom in silence is the admission of ones own ignorance.

In Topic: Abilities Promised By _Initiation Into Hermetics_

11 February 2019 - 05:50 AM

Personally I do feel that there is a secret "power" to mind/spirit connection of one another but as I said, I wouldnt count on mastering it. What I wanted to say in my second reply is that attempting these sorts of things, as well as focusing the mind on objects such as used in ritual and spellwork, is a method of fine tuning your awareness. If you move past that fine tuning into contemplating idea, you start onto the real power of the occult and magick, which is to establish a pyramid of philosophy that leads you to wisdom, The "magick" is that it creates knowledge, on that level... but there is something more. When you focus your perception to a razors edge, you might be eligible for the conversation with the HGA. This requires practice with the banishing element of uses for the pentagram and other geometric inner diagrams, a sharp focus on intention, an appeal to a God, and a philosophical proposal to said God. When all of these are in place, you will make contact with the "secret chiefs", though this is absolutely not something I recommend doing, because you have plenty of material in the world to study without first hand knowledge of the God- and in the end, philosophy only goes so far- it does not unite as one would hope, though it can be narrowed down to a personal choice. These choices are already represented in the religions, including Thelema. Now if you are really determined to invent a new magickal perspective, you can try this, but I honestly dont recommend it.

In Topic: What Do You Think Of This Creed?

10 February 2019 - 03:19 AM

Magick comes before Wisdom, and it is the fire in the philosophy. Magick is perception, and from it we declare what we see. I am not yet making ground into Wisdom, I am setting the terms for the perception, and in doing so I am espousing magickal formulas, and if you want to call it immature, then you dont understand basic Truth about idea.

What we see is an trick; an illusion. But, since we experience it regardless, we have to declare it something. And so, where to begin? There are many points to consider. You can start at birth, or at the joining of two people to create life, or start where you are this minute and consider what you know. You can start with the first wants, or the last- but whatever you do, you must name what you see. I like to relate the first understanding to Freud and his Id, Ego and Super Ego. I also like to remind my listeners that there is no Chaos, and that all is Truth, except that it is Chaos for you because you do not understand, or its actions are detrimental to your health and wealth and freedom.

I am naming reality, I am a magician, and for you to suggest that I should begin to become one makes me wonder if you have eyes to see what Magick really is. I dont need you deriding my efforts to stimulate other magicians and engage in conversation, what I need is a participant, but as I said, you are a retired Man that simply observes. If you can, prove me wrong, and provide something tangible for me to digest instead of me feeding you. Otherwise, hold your tongue and let me post in a public place.

In Topic: What Do You Think Of This Creed?

10 February 2019 - 12:38 AM

I daresay you have no propositions. Youre just a retired old man that likes to smell the flowers and reminisce about days past when your fire still burned hot enough to cook with.