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So Far, So Good

18 September 2018 - 01:29 AM

Greetings folks.

It's been an interesting span of time since I started, made a handful of posts, and split to focus on learning and doing.

I don't know if anyone would care, find this little update amusing, or have any reaction whatsoever. Maybe another new person will stumble across it and get something.

As I've hinted in other posts, my primary interest is in trying to get a handle on the Golden Dawn body of material. I had considered finding a group of some sort to get better leverage on the work, but conversations with some practitioners and an in-person meeting with two prolific authors left me wanting. I am approaching this independently as of this time.

My primary references are heavy on the Regardie. There's the Big Red Doorstop, the Audio Tapes, the Middle Pillar, and recently The Tree of Life which I think I should have started with. I am certainly open to looking at any resource, and didn't set out to build the Lesser Library of Israel Regardie Books, it just sort of happened. I am certainly receptive to any suggestions that may come my way.

Thus far I've been working conservatively, not really venturing out of Neophyte curriculum with the exception of starting with the Middle Pillar. Though I haven't made a personal attempt on it, I found the recorded Invocation of Thoth particularly inspiring for lack of a better way to put it. The time may be coming to check out the next step before long. I like knowing a foundation is set rather than scramble up rickety scaffolding.

I have since vacated a detrimental job and gone on to work at a place with more enjoyable people and a viable career path forward, achieved a technical certification I have been dreaming of since the turn of the millennium, and weathered the loss of a loved one that I doubted I'd have been able to survive.

Starting to think of things from a new perspective has been invaluable - overcoming the inertia of day to day life and really starting to take an active direction over what I am doing has been to a good degree due to the inspiration I have found. Pushing myself through learning a new character set has done remarkable things for my memory, and the weight of hearing the Invocation has had a strong influence on setting myself for the task of study.

All things considered, I feel that I have covered some ground in the last half year or so

Some Beginner Observations

08 March 2018 - 03:53 AM

Hello folks.

I thought it might be interesting to share some observations from a new person's perspective.
For context, my interest at this time is to explore the Golden Dawn material and see what I can get from it and do with it. Obviously this is not a turn-key proposition and I expect it's going to take a while to really get going, especially since outside of some deeply appreciated posts and private messages I am more or less slugging this out on my own. At this point I consider myself more of an enthusiast dabbler than practitioner, I feel like I'm more reading about magic and considering it than practicing it so to speak, so this will probably not be particularly interesting if you've been around a while.

I have not progressed very deeply at all in this study. To put it in a humorous way, I am definitely a few letters shy of a full Hebrew alphabet. :-) I have been working the 4 count breathing, the first meditation, and have been attempting the LRP ritual (banishing form exclusively multiple times a day for approximately 3 months, in the last month have changed to a morning invoking form and nightly banishing).

I was reflecting a few days ago that I seem to be noticing some changes. Nothing so overt that I can definitively point to a specific cause, but I'm noticing a different kind of awareness and engagement of and with the world around me as I go about daily life. I've always been the sort to try and be helpful, but I'm finding more opportunities to engage positively and seem to be slowly coming out of a sort of passivity. It seems reasonable that putting an emphasis on extending my sphere of awareness outside of myself is helping me to recognize opportunities that I may have glossed over before when preoccupied with my own inner dramas. I'm also noticing a lowered level of stress and finding it much more natural to either avoid conflicts or resolve differences. That isn't to say life is perfect, but I seem to be doing a better job of maintaining a perspective, and magic or not that is certainly helping me to be productive and useful.

In any event, I thought this might be of interest to someone out there. Wherever you've been or however long you've been at it, insights and thoughts are absolutely welcomed.