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Abilities Promised By _Initiation Into Hermetics_

15 January 2019 - 01:19 AM

Practice-wise, I'm still working on step 1 in Initiation Into Hermetics, but I've started reading ahead to get an overall grasp of what the curriculum entails. In just the third stage (out of ten), it indicates that once you get sufficiently practiced with the techniques it presents, you can do things such as:
  • emitting light from yourself (enough to light up a dark room)
  • charging/impregnating a room with energy such that "if any person enters the room without permission, such a person will be thrown back with a paralyzing effect"
  • controlling sea creatures
  • generating such heat from your body that can melt the snow in an area around you
  • walking on water
  • levitation
Now, most magicians I've spoken to seem to indicate that real magic is rather subtle, dealing with probability manipulation and synchronicity and such. But these promised abilities are rather blatant and intense, things that would be extremely noticeable to the average observer... Is this book really just bullshitting me, or can any of you actually do things like this? Bear in mind, this isn't even advanced stuff, according to the book, since it's what I should be able to do after only advancing through the third step...