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21 January 2019 - 06:19 AM

View Postcrookedspiral, on 15 January 2019 - 02:05 AM, said:

I've just opened my copy, completely re-read step III, and see no mention of this. What I do see mention of however is "Clearing a room of any unfavorable or unwanted influences" which reads a bit differently than what you wrote "if any person enters the room without permission, such a person will be thrown back with a paralyzing effect."

Immediately following the "Step III: Magical Schooling of the Physical Body" section, there is an "Addendum to Step III", with a subsection about "Room Impregnation". Here I've quoted a few paragraphs from there:


When the student is filling his room with his emanating energy, he must also imagine what he is trying to accomplish, for instance, that the room will be cleared of all astral and magical influences or that these will vanish, or that not only will the magician feel healthy and well in that room, but so will anyone else who enters or remains there.

Furthermore, the magician can impregnate his room with the wish for proper inspiration, success and so forth in all his undertakings. Magicians that are further advanced have the ability to protect their room, and the moment unwelcome guests enter it they become restless and do not want to remain. Such a room is impregnated with the notion of protection and fear.

You can also impregnate a room in a more stable manner; in other words, if any person enters the room without permission, such a person will be thrown back with a paralyzing effect. As you can surmise, the magician has limitless possibilities at his disposal and on the basis of these instructions he can conceive many other methods.

As for the other abilities, they're found elsewhere throughout step 3. I pulled most of them from the elemental subsections of "Step III: Magical Schooling of the Soul".

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03 April 2018 - 07:30 PM

Thanks Shin, that all makes a lot of sense. Focusing on a candle is actually what the early exercises of Psychonauts has you do. I'll go with that.

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02 April 2018 - 07:17 PM

I was thinking of using the level two exercises from psychonauts as a substitute for Bardon's mental discipline exercise.

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12 March 2018 - 03:12 AM


I just finished reading The Kybalion. Thank you for the recommendation. I found it very interesting. I've never before read something that described the mind in a way that was so in line with what I've independently concluded through my own philosophy and introspection. It also goes much further. I've long suspected that while my body lives in a physical universe that follows physical laws, my mind may exist in a parallel mental universe that follows its own laws and interacts though some means of two-way communication with the physical. But the idea that that larger mental universe might actually be a sort of all-encompassing mind and that it *contains* the physical universe in the same way that my mind contains whatever it's imagining... That is an interesting idea that never occurred to me.

I don't buy everything the book says. For instance, a lot of the philosophical reasoning about THE ALL made some not-quite logical leaps to get to some of their important conclusions. I think that the basic ideas of the Hermetic principles may have some truth to them, but they could use some refinement.

But regardless, I still got some valuable insights and food for thought from the book. Thanks again.

In Topic: Element Theory In "initiation Into Hermetics"

11 March 2018 - 03:44 AM

Thanks again, Shin, for the direct and complete answer to my question, as well as the stuff about the Elemental kingdoms. Very interesting and very cool.