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Occult Science And Mysticism > Happy Holidays

Posted 17 December 2017

Occult Science And Mysticism > Altered States

Posted 06 December 2017

A quick synopsis of Altered States prior to Ritual
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Shadows And Spiders

There are a couple catalysts that manifest this phenomena. Shadows are common during hypnopompic, and hypnagogic Sleep states, but can occur...

Occult Science And Mysticism > The Abyss

Posted 16 November 2017

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Throw me into the Abyss, and I will reemerge when the conditions are right. Eternity shall be my savior, always. - Spida

General Mysticism:

There are several interpretations...

Occult Science And Mysticism > Ritual Of Venus

Posted 13 November 2017

Ritual Of Venus

Improvised Ritual Of Venus ונוס אלת היופי

Ritual Elements:

Fasting: 4Hr Minimum to 30 Hrs.

Psychoactive/Altered State

Ritual Attire: Green/Yellow Queen Scale of...

Occult Science And Mysticism > Death

Posted 02 November 2017

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Beyond Time, there is Eternity. Where anything that is possible to exist, will exist. Not once, but an infinite number of times; in an infinite number of ways, forever. For if the Cause has never, and will never cease to exist. Then neither shall its Effects.

I once heard a Rabbit...