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23 February 2019 - 11:54 AM

Hello fellow occultists!

I'm here for almost two years yet this will be my first post. I've been interested in magick since I was 12 and at this age I've conducted my first ritual. It was a very simple ceremony from a wiccan book, mostly casting a magic circle and then invoking four elements. After that I shouted my intent and asked for help. Maybe it was just a beginner's luck but the results were for twelve year old me, well... spectacular. My journey as a magican began and since then I've been studying mostly chaos magick, maybe with a little bit more ceremonial approach. Year 2018 was crucial for me in many ways and with the beginning of 2019 I've grown to work with the Left Hand Path. I have decided to work with the ten Qlipphotic Speres of Sitra Achra and demons which rule them. Last saturday I've made my first Qlipphotic ritual which was the Rite of Nahemoth, a sphereworking from V.K. Jehannum's blog. I've done meditations over the Seal of Nahemoth for one week and on the day of the ceremony I took a ritual bath to purify myself. After that I ate more than 7 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms, which was a heroic dose even for me and I consider myself an experienced psychonaut. I won't be writing a trip report because it took several hours but I feel that I've opened myself to something new. Energies of the Qlippha changed my conciousness and I felt my ego dissolving under the power of psilocybin. The rite was a success from personal point of view but now comes a second part (thanks for reading).

It's a week now that I'm trying to contact Naamah, first Demon of the Sitra Achra. Never in my life I had a deeply spiritual experience that would show me that there are other beings, we can contact them and this shit is real. I've worked with many Deities before and I had results - after a ritual things happened the way I wanted them to happen. But I never had a vision, heard a voice, not even some minor paranormal activity. I've done evocations, invocations, prayers and nothing. For a week now I meditate on daily basis with the seal of Naamah. I made special black candles for her, blend of ritual incense and at the end of each meditation I give her eleven drops of my blood. I ask her for guidance, contact, a vision in my dreams. Nothing. No results. I would very much appreciate if someone could tell me what am I doing wrong?