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About Me

So, I began my interest in the occult when I was writing a paper for my film lecturer in 2012. I was on his sci-fi module, and I was researching the paper where i was discussing the roles of gender in relation to the cyborg archetype, when I went off track while researching Superheroes.
I read an essay on how the superhero can be seen as modern age gods (( I know a few would disagree and with good reason. I'd differ that, becos Caoz. and a lot of Greek gods and Mesopotamian gods were reflections of social reality, both in the way they were worshiped and inversely the way their aspect affected and changed the social reality. For me, Superman is an example of a God that wants to ultimately be the greatest form of good the world has ever known. My concern is the darker side of Superman, the corporate side. Where his symbol is one of the big money grossing sigils in the world, and has only been increasing over the last 75 years. The actions of Superman litterally change the minds of millions of people. See 1946, Superman vs the KKK.
Even if they aren't gods, whatever artifacts they are put into are collectively mega powerful. So why not? Where do you draw the line? )), that referenced this speech: Grant Morrison, Dissinformation Speech (turn volume down! You were warned!!!). I felt lines starting to cross in my head, connections being made, truths being revealed and coincidences fading into the webway of spacetime. My dreams had come true. Magic was real. Everything changed!

In between then I've been through some stuff.
Right now, I'm staying with my girlfriend, working in London. This place sucks. Time moves so quickly that wading through the projected waves of exhaustion is heavy work. But, we have a lovely story to tell.
She was living in Hungary, and after viewing some of her past lives, she decided to find a recurring friend, who she thought was in England.
I was living in Cornwall, and one night while having a cigarette out the window I felt someone calling to me. A witch from far away. A month later I got an offer to move to London for a room, a job and a band. So I did.
She came to England, following her sister and worked at the same restaurant where I worked. But, she had a boyfriend.
So, something happened (i broke her foot - by accident!!!) and we ended up spending a lot of time together, as I tried to make up for what happened, and we started learning about each other. For some reason I can understand what she's saying when she's speaking hungarian, to an alarming accuracy, and we can even share basic ideas without talking. At this point I had known her for about 10 weeks; we started talking about our magical lives. I told her my stories of my mad drug adventures and the strange coincidences around them, and how I had heard her calling years ago and written her into my stories and songs with the same name. She told me about her journeys to her past lives with her witch surrogate-mom. Love happened at first sight. We just had to take time to get over how we'd both met the person of our dreams. And that, this really is happening.

Soon, Me and Vikki are going on a trip in a van around the UK, visiting magical sites we find on the Synchronicity Wave. I got inspired to go while reading "The Book of English Magic" , which I'd picked up in Treadwells. (( I mean, of course it bloody was, I asked for a 'Harry Potter Year 1 Magical crash course, and the first book they pushed on me was the one where they're in the first chapter... unbelievable! -joke, but that actually happened ))
So on my way around Cornwall, England Wales and Scottland I'll be learning about Magical Talismans from Niel Farrel, and reading The Middle Pillar Ritual by Regardie (( I'm looking at the book spine from my desk. Not sure if that's the actual author's name. It could be and equally could not be... )). Harry Potter, eat your fucking heart out.
Also, Vikki thinks she's part fae. We have no access to any Hungarian texts about that stuff, so she only has memories of her Grandma to go on right now. We're going to check out some groves, maybe meet some people to can help shed light on what this could mean. The Quest Begins!

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