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New Occult Fiction Book

01 February 2019 - 05:50 PM

I write occult fiction about real magic, not the Harry Potter kind of magic. There’s a new novella ‘Mount Clexa’ coming out today 01 Feb 2019 under my Lena Chere pen -name.

Description: This story is told in the first person by Clexa, a servitor horse. Bound to a magician in service, she finds herself forced to explore the aethyrs of the Enochian magic system with him, and to carry out a revenge curse on a girl when she would prefer to spare her. Follow the adventure as Clexa responds to these challenges.

Where to buy Mount Clexa: https://books2read.com/u/mqVKn8

These posts don’t have to be just adverts- feel free to discuss what you think about giving out occult information through fiction. Dion Fortune and others have done this, though you may think it is wishful thinking for me to compare myself to Dion Fortune!

What do you think about channelling some of my books? The Lena Chere ones are not channelled, but some of my others are, from an entity I met while studying chaos magic. Basically it means sitting there doing telepathy for a little while each day until you have got thousands of words. I write fairly short books around 18,000 words, but that's still a lot to pick up from someone else.

New Book Release

28 August 2018 - 07:33 PM

Some news: my new pen name has launched and the first book comes out in three days' time on 31 Aug.18. It won't be free like most of the others, but only a few £ or $. The story is magical fantasy about Chaos Magic/Shamanism, with a young adult flavour.


Imagine magicians of the modern day internet becoming involved with a parallel world where human beings are still in the Stone Age. Imagine this involvement precipitated by a kind but much-feared Horse Goddess who was created on Facebook.

Alexandra has just left school and is looking for love and a vocation in life when that scenario becomes her reality. She comes to care deeply about both the Horse Goddess and a young family in the parallel world; it dramatically reveals her past and changes her future, transforming her into a magician.

If you would like this, please order from the publisher's website https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/platara-mountain

Free Book Promotion

04 March 2018 - 10:14 AM

My fiction books are free on ‘Read An Ebook Week’ until 11 March 2018.

New recently released Novella ‘The Rescue Circle’
This is serious visionary occult fiction about psychopomps and mediumship.

Novella ‘Copying A Master’ channelled from Ino

Short Stories ‘Chaos Dreams Part 1’ channelled from Ino

Short Stories ‘Chaos Dreams Part 2- Astral Tales’

I write about the astral plane, the afterlife, mediums and psychics, portals and other worlds. Ino is a chaos egregore know as ‘the muse’, derived from a demon that has been around a long time and she writes stories about human beings in various historical times and places, especially magicians and pagans.

If you love these books please consider buying my first novella ‘The Wizard From Vahan’ ( science fiction/fantasy) which I can’t make free because it is published by Night Horse.