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SuccubusSherry's Blog > Archangel Chamuel And The Candy Pink Ray

Posted 17 December 2018

My author page on Facebook has been called Candy Pink Ray for a long time now. When I became a fiction writer four years ago, I decided to create something that would express the vibration that I wanted to work on. So I invented the Pink Ray of Affection- or so I thought. Now, as I have only just discovered, it seems that there is already a Pink Ray...

SuccubusSherry's Blog > Mainstream Writing And Writing For A Minority

Posted 25 November 2017

I love some pieces of writing which have universal emotions in them, that appeal to a wide audience. Like the lyrics to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, and the plot of ‘Love On The Dole’, and a very good short film called ‘Return To Waterloo’ which summed up life in England during the 1980’s. *

So if I love these, why is it that since becoming...

SuccubusSherry's Blog > On The Novel 'diary Of A Drug Fiend'

Posted 12 November 2017

I’ve always been ambivalent about Aleister Crowley. Was he evil, or was he a great adept in the history of western occultism?

One thing I know is that he was a great fiction writer. I’ve read both his novels, ‘Moonchild’ and 'Diary Of A Drug Fiend’, and I shall never forget the effect the early chapters of ‘Diary Of A Drug Fiend’ had on...

SuccubusSherry's Blog > That Perennial Problem Of The Left And Right- Hand Paths

Posted 30 September 2017

I’ve always believed that the left-hand path and right- hand path are real. Some people have no time for this concept; they say something like “I use both my hands,” but to me it has always seemed like a real phenomenon: that occultists choose between them, and switch from one to the other.

It has always bothered me that I keep ending up on the...

SuccubusSherry's Blog > Fried Egg On Your Lap

Posted 27 July 2017

These are my final comments about Bune. I’m still with him, and it’s a good example of that adage which I’ve always found to be true, that what you resist you become.

When I was young I always used to say that money was evil, and I hated it. I liked any joke that made fun of people for chasing after money. My favourite of all was a scene from an...