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The Qlippoth, Creation, And What It Means To You.

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 07:25 AM

Eastern based mysticism, seem to imply depending on school, relativity and absolute differ, and to obtain nondualism, one must cease even ones existence!

Western, especially Biblical mysticism, comes from a differing line of thought. God is not so impersonal he can not be known, but is through Jesus Christ, both as logos, or divine law, word, and pattern, the Jacobs ladder between heaven and earth, God and mankind.

A real astonishing insight I had meditating upon my lord, was there technically is no such thing as duality, not within God or in creation. That would imply an absolute separation of one thing from another.

It is sin, the construct of hell, hell on earth, and this artifice, shell, or evil, the lord never wanted, which creates men to believe they are dual. In a healthy illuminated mind, one sees harmony between trillions and then some, and abstract inbetweens and subjective beyonds, and not absulte dualism.

Thus eastern thought seems lost in transcendence and annihilation, where as western seeks immanence.
[i]There are no gods but God, we know him through his order, his mind, the the miracle Jesus Christ. Give up most magic, give up enlightenment and or transcendence. No one can behold God, infinite is beyond, submit and know it creates and sustains creation forever. No true limit, no true death, no true nothingness. E=MC2, and gain and sustainability are greater than loss. The universe infinitely is expanding, growing becoming better and more immortal as are we. Resist evil, for it is an excess, ultimately a lie of true death. There is hell, as the Bible says, but there is choice! Choose wisely. Human origins, cosmic life, magical creatures, heaven, hell, earth and purgatory, many religions. Fascinating indeed, but in this world, no man was like Jesus Christ, and has the worlds largest faith.[\i]

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 11:09 AM

View PostChaosTech, on 09 April 2019 - 07:25 AM, said:

A real astonishing insight I had meditating upon my lord, was there technically is no such thing as duality, not within God or in creation. That would imply an absolute separation of one thing from another.

Well there does exist a duality, but the twenty five thousand dollar question : is the incorporeal aspect of it durable? Perhaps temporarily, but I don't believe in a persistent existence that is substantial as the continued essence of an individual.

I say temporarily because I have undergone intense and observable separations of this duality; when the body still lives mind you, but once you are cold and dead. All bets are off.

The physical vessel if often underrated; thought of as discardable; disposable. That this invisible thing lives on in its' absence. There are a few levels of reason for why this is. Some self serving; others serving a collective with an agenda.

As part of a timeless realm. Think in terms of non linear time, or as some have called it : circular time. Is what we are when we die any different than before we were born? Both being states of non existence, I posit, and yet here we are.

Does the fact that I am sporadically separated from the living render this life any less meaningful?

Within a larger concept of time, and also the absence of it. The fact that I am here right now, typing this. Is reason enough to believe that I will be again, in a different life. Although of course like now, I won't remember, but such as now may again reason it out. As much as can be anyway - the process is ongoing.

Dualities; polarities are good food for thought though as they are reflected everywhere in creation, and beyond. From the eternal polarity of the absolute right down to the positive and negative charges of elementary particles. As well as the positive and negative aspect of the archetypal gender found within the supernal triad of the tree of life.
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