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Posted 23 February 2019 - 11:54 AM

Hello fellow occultists!

I'm here for almost two years yet this will be my first post. I've been interested in magick since I was 12 and at this age I've conducted my first ritual. It was a very simple ceremony from a wiccan book, mostly casting a magic circle and then invoking four elements. After that I shouted my intent and asked for help. Maybe it was just a beginner's luck but the results were for twelve year old me, well... spectacular. My journey as a magican began and since then I've been studying mostly chaos magick, maybe with a little bit more ceremonial approach. Year 2018 was crucial for me in many ways and with the beginning of 2019 I've grown to work with the Left Hand Path. I have decided to work with the ten Qlipphotic Speres of Sitra Achra and demons which rule them. Last saturday I've made my first Qlipphotic ritual which was the Rite of Nahemoth, a sphereworking from V.K. Jehannum's blog. I've done meditations over the Seal of Nahemoth for one week and on the day of the ceremony I took a ritual bath to purify myself. After that I ate more than 7 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms, which was a heroic dose even for me and I consider myself an experienced psychonaut. I won't be writing a trip report because it took several hours but I feel that I've opened myself to something new. Energies of the Qlippha changed my conciousness and I felt my ego dissolving under the power of psilocybin. The rite was a success from personal point of view but now comes a second part (thanks for reading).

It's a week now that I'm trying to contact Naamah, first Demon of the Sitra Achra. Never in my life I had a deeply spiritual experience that would show me that there are other beings, we can contact them and this shit is real. I've worked with many Deities before and I had results - after a ritual things happened the way I wanted them to happen. But I never had a vision, heard a voice, not even some minor paranormal activity. I've done evocations, invocations, prayers and nothing. For a week now I meditate on daily basis with the seal of Naamah. I made special black candles for her, blend of ritual incense and at the end of each meditation I give her eleven drops of my blood. I ask her for guidance, contact, a vision in my dreams. Nothing. No results. I would very much appreciate if someone could tell me what am I doing wrong?

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Posted 23 February 2019 - 03:13 PM

View PostBrejdak, on 23 February 2019 - 11:54 AM, said:

...what am I doing wrong?

Assuming and expecting things.

If you stop that in favor of a more open mindset, you'll have a better shot at noticing a channel of spirit communication that you're not explicitly looking for. Here's the thing, if a channel is indeed open and operating and it's not what you're expecting, you'll be too busy looking for something that's not happening to notice what is.

Here are a couple of relevant facts to be aware of, which may or may not help you.

A small percentage of people hear disembodied voices but don't qualify for a psychiatric diagnosis. To read a brief thread about that, click here. For now, the short story, for me, is that the lore we have about spirits talking to people probably started with that little slice of humanity. If I'm right about that, the logical converse is that the majority of people who try [probably] won't be able to hear spirit voices as if they're present-people voices, no matter what they do. There's also (probably) a much smaller comparable sub-population that sees things others don't see, that may come along with disembodied voices, without entheogens. That even smaller slice of humanity gets what you're trying to make happen without trying, and again, so logically, trying to make it happen is not likely to be why it happens to anyone. Stated plainly, what you're hoping will happen to you is a special experience that happens to a very tiny population of people, and you're not one of them.

Take this to heart though. I'm not one of them and neither is the vast majority of people who, like me, consider spirit interaction to be a core feature of their personal magic practice. Like I said at the outset, if you're too busy looking out for something that's not going to happen for you, you may well be missing something important that is happening.

A technique for gaining visions of spirits through your physical eyes that works for the majority of people who put in the time and effort is the facial reflection-distortion technique (FRDT), usually performed with a black mirror. There's a thread discussing some of the relevant science on that phenomenon available too: click here. As discussed there, getting the visual phenomenon isn't magic in and of itself. It's a tool at best, and as such, one needs to figure out how to use it to get to the desired outcome. For now, suffice it to say that most anyone can get the visual phenomena, but that using [it] to develop a meaningful communication experience takes more, and the "more" includes intention and effort as the starting point. On a related note, getting the visual effect of the FRDT doesn't tend to lead to an externalized verbal experience. The communications people get using that technique tend to take the shape of a voice in their head, and the primary way they distinguish between the spirit voice and their own inner voice is that it says remarkably unexpected things. That fact leads many to doubt the veracity of the technique and they give it up.

That as it may be, if you want to try it, the instructions are simple. Make a black mirror by taking the glass coverlet out of a picture frame and paint one side of it with flat black spray paint, 3 or more coats according to the directions on the can. After it's completely dry put it back into the frame for use. To use it, light a room with a few candles and set up the mirror on a table. Place the candle so that the flames illuminate your face well enough to see your face reflected in the mirror, but avoid having the flames [in] your direct line of sight or directly reflected in the mirror. Relax and gaze. Within 5 minutes, usually, your facial reflection will start to morph. That's how it starts. Practice it till you can get the morphing effect reliably. To develop the effect into a magical technique, do whatever ritual preparations you feel should be sufficient to get your target spirit to visit you, then use the technique. You're on your own from there, like the rest of us.

There are alternatives to hoping to get a talking vision by hook or crook. I'll share some of my personal practice as it's evolved in the last 6 or years, in large part because of the area where I moved to at that time.

These days I tend to do my work outdoors in natural settings. Living (now) in coastal temperate rain forest, there are ample beaches and woods to find secluded spaces available to me. I think living here and loving to visit the wild places is probably how I came to these techniques, but now I think even a city part park would suffice.

My technique is to do my prep work, to go to one of my places, and to there express my desires. Then I read the response from the environment. For example, toward the end of summer I sometimes work at a sandy, typically windy beach that naturally forms sand dunes. I hang around and watch how the wind is typically moving the sand that day. Then I wait for a quiet moment when the sand isn't moving at all and I express my desires. If the sand picks up and moves in an atypical pattern, I read that as receipt of a communication event. I hang around and watch what happens and feel my feelings for however long, till I feel satisfied, or unsatisfied enough to give up. The real answer comes not in the moment but in how my life unfolds in the days and weeks to follow. It seems to me that I come to notice the spirits moving in and around my life when I'm reminded of the operation as I go about my business, and my memory of how the sand moved that day seems to take on meaning for the current events. One thing I can say about it is that the experience on the beach can be exhilarating, but that tends to pale compared to those unexpected moments of recognition.

I do something similar in other places at different times, depending on the time of year and the reasons for doing the working. For example, there's a beach where an offshore wind on a sunny morning blows a spray in sheets across the backs of the braking waves, which sometimes catch the sunlight to paint the sheets [of spray] with rainbows. Sometimes I'm watching how ocean waves splash over a particular rock formation, how the moonlight shining through wind-blown tree branches make dancing shadows on the ground... Sometimes I'm watching animal behavior (birds, seals, whales). Sometimes I listen to bird sounds and insects, or to a brook's babbling, and so on. Sometimes I leave feeling satisfied and sometimes I don't. When I do feel satisfied, I don't do anymore magic for the same purpose. When I leave feeling unsatisfied, I plan another working and carrying it out at a place and time as inspiration dictates.

I did start out my practice in hopes of voices and visions, but having developed my art along those lines, I have no desire left for them. If that's just sour grapes, I don't know it. It doesn't feel that way to me.

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Posted 24 February 2019 - 05:43 PM

Thank you very much for your response, it means a lot. Four years ago I actually made a Triangle of Art with a black mirror at it's centre but didn't have enough time for practice of mirror gazing cause I moved to Norway. Maybe it's time now to start this practice again. But the most important thing as you said was all the assumptions and expectation and I see it now. Valuable lesson and I thank you for that.

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Posted 28 February 2019 - 04:34 PM

My three suggestions:

1. The psychedelic doesn't really add anything to the spirit conjuration experience. I have speculated in the past that this kind of mind-altering practice is actually contrary to the intent to seek out spirits, as it impairs your judgment. A lot of what goes into spirit conjuration depends on pacts, oaths, agreements of whatever type, and you can't reasonably held accountable for affirmations made while spaced out.

2. These "Explore the Qlippoth" books are popular for a variety of reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with their efficacy. You aren't picking a style of music, you are choosing a working relationship with a spirit, and it doesn't have to look cool to work well for you. Give some thought to your sources and what else might be validated by success in using them. For any objective, there are several different spirits represented in as many different theological hierarchies from around the world, so examine your motives for choosing this one over some other.

3. The lore of ceremonial magic is large enough to give us all a fair sample of what you might expect to be involved in the conjuration of spirits. Apart from the last couple of years, almost none of it even resembles the method you describe, which sounds a lot more like Charmed TV show with meditation added. Give your methodology a thorough critique, and ask yourself whether it has a place among the established formats of practical magic, or whether it is something so pared-down as to be irrelevant. There is plenty to be said for the value of innovation, but it must rest on effective engineering.


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Posted 02 March 2019 - 09:13 PM

Most of my spirit contact is through dreams. It has been my experience that only certain spirits seem to want to make dream contact or can turn up the volume of dreams with ease. I have only ever had hypnagogic hallucinations that appeared to me to be spirit related. I have personally never heard a disembodied voice or seen any hallucinations during a ritual. I have been practicing magic and mysticism for 13 years. I have been practicing nightly spirit work for 5 years now. I had done spirit work prior to 5 years ago, but not on a nightly basis.

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