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Why Should We Learn Astral Projection And How Is It Different From Lucid Dreaming?

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#1 Jastiv


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Posted 29 November 2018 - 06:49 AM

I've been doing Lucid Dreaming for a while. But I'm not sure why we should learn Astral Projection in the first place. I'm entirely unsure of exactly what benefits it offers.
What information to you actually get from the astral plane that is worthwhile that you can't get from lucid dreams or while normally awake?

#2 SuccubusSherry

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Posted 29 November 2018 - 06:44 PM

I have still got my dream journals from the time when I could do lucid dreaming, which cover a period of ten years, and I would say that lucid dreaming is useful for practising dream powers, and for finding out what life is like on the astral plane (also known as 'the next world' or 'the spirit world.' ) Most dream powers would seem miraculous on the Earth, but are quite normal on the astral plane.

Regarding 'how is it different from lucid dreaming?' You can enter into astral projection either from a lucid dream or from the waking state. I never managed to do it from the waking state. In some of the past discussions we've had here, there have been people who say there are two separate places. They said lucid dreams are inside your own dream space, and beyond that is the proper astral plane which is more dangerous, where you can get hurt. I never experienced that- I experienced that it is all the same place, and you can't get hurt.
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#3 R. Eugene Laughlin

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Posted 29 November 2018 - 11:31 PM

View PostJastiv, on 29 November 2018 - 06:49 AM, said:

I'm entirely unsure of exactly what benefits...

Some people find benefit in the practice and some don't, presumably for a wide range of reasons in both directions.

In my personal experience, the problems most people face in learning how to do it and how to make it useful are tied to their expectations. That is, they get so busy trying to experience what they expect it to be like, they ignore the important things that are actually happening.

The answer to that problem, again in my personal experience, is good basic training rooted in ritual magic, that importantly includes full sensory experience of raising and directing magic energy. When astral work is pursued from that direction, after a year or so, the transition from typical fleshy experience to full sensory astral experience is as natural as standing up from a seated position and walking around in a circle, stopping at each cardinal direction to wave arms and shout.
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#4 Brennan

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Posted 24 December 2018 - 11:03 PM

I'm never really sure how anyone defines A.P., so the definition that I'm going with is that it is a projection of the conscious-mind, while the spirit/soul remains firmly 'in place'. I would consider it more of a psionic feature rather than something more shamanic or hedge-y.

A.P. is pretty integral in seiðr, a form of Northern-European trance-magick. It was commonly performed by woman while doing their weaving work which was.. far more than a full time job. The tasks themselves were time-consuming, monotonous and repetitious. This allowed for the mind to... Wander.

While Seid touches on more than just A.P., with it she could draw things to herself, push things away, see what's going on in distant areas just to name a few and I expect any incredibly bored woman stuck with her spindle, loom or wood-cards for hours at a time could find many, many more things to do with A.P. than the majority of us could in our modern age.

I'm not really sure how to give a definitive comparison between lucid dreaming and astral projection except to say that lucid dreaming is .. dream-work and unconscious, while astral projection is trance-based and is done while conscious. Aside from that.. *shrugs.

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#5 Orlando


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Posted 25 December 2018 - 10:38 PM

View PostJastiv, on 29 November 2018 - 06:49 AM, said:

.... I'm not sure why we should learn Astral Projection in the first place. I'm entirely unsure of exactly what benefits it offers.

I presume you mean by 'astral projection' you mean an out-of-body experience.

I'm not quite sure, for it is difficult to decipher these thing, but in some alchemical disciplines it might be a requisite to learn astral projection for survival in the after life, at least initially to begin with.

In alchemical terms the astral body has many names. I have counted over thirty different term. Here are some of them, I believe, if I'm not mistaken: The Evestrum, The Corpus Sideribus (by Paraselsus), The Inner Salt Body, The Red Salt, The Green Lion, The Root Moister, The Sun Body, Vitriol, The Light Body, The Light Salt, Proteus (which in Greek means the 'first', Proteus being the god of water), etc.

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