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The Consolomentarium

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Posted 03 July 2018 - 12:53 AM

I was part of an expedition exploring a strange, unknown planet. During our explorations, we came upon a colossal statue depicting a figure half-man, half-robot. A decision was made amongst us to split up and explore the area. Me and my teammate headed towards a white, pyramid looking building.

As we enter the building, we notice some sort of computer. My colleague jumps at the occasion to check it out. He seems to become absorbed in what he's doing. I decide to check around. I notice at the far end of the room something written. It says "Consolomentarium".

I ask my colleague if he knows what it means. He replies offhandedly, "Some Latin thing I guess." I decide to check this out. Turns out it's a weird looking phone booth. As I approach it, I notice two cherubs carved on both sides of some old school rotary phone booth. I grab the phone and dial zero. A voice responds " Consolomentarium information services, how may we help you?" Taken aback, I respond " Umm, can you tell me what the essence of humor is?" The voice replies "Of course!"

I then have another dream of the history of the planet I'm exploring. I see a scene of a virus discovered underwater which infects the crew of the underwater vessel. Somehow, a crew member escapes quarantine in an escape pod. The result is the rest of the population being infected by the virus. This virus creates mutants. These mutants create robots who eventually exterminate them. These robots then create a robot that is an exact replication of a human. There is conflict among the robots over this. A war ensues. Everything is destroyed but the statue.

The dream ends with me coming back to the phone booth. The voice at the other end asks "So, did you get the joke?" The line goes dead with a loud, awful click. I wake up.

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