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Meditations On Jesus Last Two Years, This One Good.

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Posted 26 June 2018 - 11:07 PM

What if God though infinite and eternal, a state nobody truly understand s. But makes sense there is something eternal beyond the beginning.

And what if that God created a permanent reality. Permanent, because even relativity is existent and so its own eternal?

So that freewill exists and so loss and gain, up and down, good and evil, yin and yang, forwards and backwards, soul and body, heaven and earth, etc, to allow existence, relativity, change. But even God can't do everything, know everything, or fix everything, as we exist, and so must make our own existence?

There being no absolute nothing, cessation, nonexistence, as that literally doesn't exist, so therefore, good, light, life, eternity, etc, love, makes more sense to follow than, things of bad? Primarily.

So therefore, what if there is punishment, law, justice, etc, but funademtally the light is forgiveness, mercy, grace, and nncondemnation. The Bible only has two words for absolute in it. God, and the chains that bind the fallen angels till judgement day. What then if Hell and punishment and evil, will cease one day, and we should do everything we can to quicken that day?
[i]There are no gods but God, we know him through his order, his mind, the the miracle Jesus Christ. Give up most magic, give up enlightenment and or transcendence. No one can behold God, infinite is beyond, submit and know it creates and sustains creation forever. No true limit, no true death, no true nothingness. E=MC2, and gain and sustainability are greater than loss. The universe infinitely is expanding, growing becoming better and more immortal as are we. Resist evil, for it is an excess, ultimately a lie of true death. There is hell, as the Bible says, but there is choice! Choose wisely. Human origins, cosmic life, magical creatures, heaven, hell, earth and purgatory, many religions. Fascinating indeed, but in this world, no man was like Jesus Christ, and has the worlds largest faith.[\i]

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