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Posted Today, 03:31 AM

When it comes to Truth, and you catch a glimmer of Her, you realize that She is real, but so far off in the distance. When it comes to Law, and you realize that its founding Truth is not to harm someone, you have to ask yourself, is it True that I should not harm? Because look all around you at the harm that happens every second. It just doesnt seem True. Yet, that is all we fight about. So it must be True. Then when you examine what you do, you realize, that you cant even be certain when you are doing this. You also realize "MY GOD I HAVE COMPROMISED TRUTH!"

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Posted Today, 08:12 AM

Some animals are fairly intelligent, even more so than many humans I have observed(just watch a few episodes of Cops or similar). In certain situations we can learn a thing or two from animals, so perhaps many if not all of them simply exist for their own sake where in that particular context it would be more about the 'experience' of creation in lieu of any 'evolution'.

Humans aren't really all that great, generally speaking. We do have better tools to work with, physically - an advantage by default in some respects - although not all of us make good use of them.
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Posted Today, 09:46 AM

View PostMskied, on 12 November 2018 - 11:27 PM, said:

If you dont believe in a designer,.....
With all due respect, you don't know my thought on that, for I have not given it yet.

Leaving aside talk about morality, what are your thoughts on the inbuilt horrors of the world, the horrors that are part of the (God's ?) design; you know having to kill other living things to be able to live.
Should the lion love the gazelle, and the gazelle the lion while it is being throttled?
Should the lamb, or the vegetables for that matter (they are alive too), love us as they are being killed for the pot?
Or, are we talking about humans only?

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Posted Today, 01:16 PM

Humans are not plants nor lions. Does a lion not love his lioness? It isnt that Man wont fight or hate or kill, it is that we have more tools to avoid doing so.

Here is the creed of seeker of Good.
The blessed should bless, and if they curse, then they must not be as blessed as they proclaim. And when you realize that you are not as blessed as you believe, you will strive for the Good so that you can live a blessed life, and when you realize the blessed life, you will want to bless all life.

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Posted Today, 07:37 PM

Still I concede; we cannot escape the animal body, until we are able to- these natural Truths will always be here. Strength is always the measure of Good, its what you do with that strength that is the question.

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