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Refrigerator Repair Ritual

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#1 wren

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 06:44 AM

So, I am sharing this as a way to hopefully talk about categorizing magical acts. This one is about as close to pure "coincidence" as you get.

My refrigerator stopped working right. It wouldn't get cold enough. I cleaned the condensor coils, since that's just what you do, right? I vacuumed off what might have well been a towel of dust. I waited. No luck, the fridge was still stuck around 60°F. I was mildly pissed and mildly disconcerted, while mostly "Empty."

"In a trance" I leaned my right hand up against the door of the fridge. Behind my hand, I saw my "dream arm" paint the rune Isa. I felt my finger extend, my arm reach forward and up, and my wrist flick down carrying my arm with it. I felt the single elegant gesture of forming a vertical stroke. As the gesture was made, I saw with my "dream eyes" a circle arising out of my eisengrau "dream space". Also, a falling inwards lighting tunnel, and off course, the Isa rune. These all glowed in a pale, icy, blue. The rune arose with the path of my finger, while the circle and lines just brightened into existence like I was slowly operating a dimmer switch. Slow as in it took me considerably less than a second for the "dream arm" to complete the gesture. As I lifted my real hand from the door, I "saw" the figure sink and stretch inwards and clockwise, vanishing back into eisengrau. Also I had a thought. It came at once, without words, pictures, or comment.

I thought of temperature as a field as represented like wireframe projections you often see used for space time curvature or plain Jane gravity. I thought that instead of a planet, you could put "coldness" in the center of that well. Like the elasticity of a rubber sheet, there would always be an upward force being applied to the well as the system tried to reach homeostasis. To have something be infintely cold, it would need to fall forever. Falling without moving. An inward turning stillness, this is the essence of coldness. All of that is what I thought without words or pictures, only concepts in that instant.

I went on my way, putting the spontaneous and automatic "working" out of my head. The whole thing was only about a second long after all.

Later, I narrowed down the problem to the freezer fan. I took off the interior back panel of the freezer to get at the guts. I cleaned up some ice that was partially blocking the fridge from getting cold air, and sat back and stared at the mess of wires, tubes, fins, and fans. Blank, I reached up to the problem fan, and swished it clockwise, once, twice, ...wait, is that buzzing? Thrice, the fan spins. And I see the spinning tunnel of lightening in the twirling blades of the fan.

The fridge lives.

I find it interesting how close this "working" resembled the way I think about how REL describes magic. The design and "result" were both subliminal. Was it the psychological or information model at work? Whatever it was, it was interesting enough.

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#2 Spida

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 01:17 PM

I think my refrigerator is getting clogged up with cat hair. Somehow it even ends up on the inside. I know the fan can get pretty gunked up and have cleaned that before and it's not easy. A friend told me a trick to cleaning the fan. He told me to use PB Blaster or Liquid wrench. I will try that next time. I bet the stuff may even dissolve cat hair.

I usually just vacuum up the fur on the underneath, but every year or so I pul it out and dissasemble what I can for a more thorough cleaning, such as the fan.
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#3 wren

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Posted 25 August 2017 - 10:43 PM

For what it is worth, this was the evaporator coil fan accessible from within the freezer, not the condenser fan in the bottom back of the appliance.

Though, what I found interesting was the "instinctual" urge to perform "spontaneous" magic, not the actual act or outcome.

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