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Ww2 -- A Case Of Improper Target Selection?

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Posted 02 July 2017 - 07:41 PM


Was browsing through an online Q&A board and found something curious. It was an answer to the following question: "Who won WW2?"

An alleged P.h.D in History said:

Simple. Germany won, hands down. Hitler set out to make Germany the hegemonic power in Europe. Check. He aimed to destroy the Soviet Union and bring down “world Bolshevism.” Check. He called for the “eradication of European Jewry.” Check. Limiting ourselves just to the European theater the Second World War redrew the racial map of Europe, so that 60% to 90% of its Jewish population vanished, eliminated the aristocracy from European political life, divided the continent into two hostile zones for the next 45 years, and sank the British and French empires . Goebbels predicted all of this in his DIARY, 1945: “The war may be lost, but at least we have the comfort of knowing we exterminated the stupidity of the European bourgeois world.”

An interesting analysis, for sure and such kinds of are not quite uncommon. Once knew of a professor whom espoused a similar idea in regard to the USSR's/Russia's victory in what he felt to be 'The Lone World War in Two Acts.'

But that's neither here nor there.

What struck me was the quoted above in conjunction with 2 things:
1)My reading of Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement With The Occult by Peter Lavenda a few months ago
2)The below, which takes out the above answer on the site:


Did Hitler accomplish these goals in the manner and order he wanted to? No, but they were accomplished. History doesn’t work the way historical actors expect; it moves in zig-zags and jumps stages. To quote the late Norman Mailer, “Whatever else it is, history is a bitch.”

The bold above, is my own emphasis, for it made me ask the following of myself and now you, dear reader: what if one were to swap out 'History' with 'Magic?' (and naturally, swap out 'historical actors' with 'magicians')


Now, my ignorance of history prevents me from knowing with certainty whether Lavenda's claims standup to scrutiny and so am agnostic on the matter; but, as a thought exercise, it gave me pause to consider that *if* the Reich was involved in the Occult and utilized it to win WW2: they may have gotten what they asked for, but not what they wanted--a familiar refrain.

Found it to be an interesting notion/possibility.

Cheers and Be Well

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