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Tarot Spread Question

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#1 SilentSeeker

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Posted 14 March 2017 - 05:07 AM

Hey all,

Hope everybody's been doing well.

Question: as wondering if any folks would be so kind as to please provide this Tarot n00b w/ some insight regarding a spread done recently?

T'was a five card spread with the following positional mock up:

5. Potential
2)Past 1. Present 3)Future
4)Reason for divination

Doing this yielded the following cards in the following positions:

1) Rev. 8 Swords
2) A o Pent
3) K o Swords
4) Rev, 4 Swords
5) Chariot

(Deck is Albano-Waite)

Background: Cast a sigil a few months ago for a certain item and, not long after, a friend later said he could help procure said item. Things are moving along and seem to be coming to a conclusion soon, but ran this spread to get a fresh insight. Plus, don't really use Tarot, so felt this could be a good time to get le feet wet.

My guess was as follows:
Though things seem to be moving along at a snail's pace: it's more a of a test than anything. The situation has been slowly accumulating and working toward the conclusion and am making this div. as a kind of review/reflection of the situation. Success, with or without conflict, may come from the situation but will need to be analytical, intelligent and unclouded by emotions. Also, think it's saying the person moves at their own whim/behest.

Any comments/opinions?

Thanks for the time and danke in advance for any insight folks are willing to share.

Cheers and Be Well

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#2 wren

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Posted 14 March 2017 - 05:52 PM

Fellow tarot newb here.

The 4 and 8 of swords reversed speak of frustration and limitations both self created and externally imposed. Together, they are a lesser reflection of the Hanged Man reversed. Being the Present and Reason for Divination cards, it's pretty obvious that you just want this thing over and done with. They suggest that with more decisive action in the past you could have achieved the goal.

The ace of pentacles in the past position seems isolated and isn't really carried through into the rest of the reading. You see the mountain of the ace reflected in the 8 of swords, reversed, which suggests a lack of concrete action. It also shows up in the Chariot, this time doubled in the shape of the towers of the city behind the charioteer. This suggests the need for a balanced approach to achieve the full potential in the situation.

The King of Swords is seated, deciding whether to take action or not. I would take this to mean that this reading won't cause you to take action, but to think some more. After the intellectual tendency gets out of your system, I'd suggest you do another reading.

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