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On The Fundamentals Of Magick: Question 2

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 04:45 PM

(see also question 1 in this forum)
Official Question #2: Paradigm.
1) What paradigms did you find most effective for learning which useful magickal skills?
2) Which paradigms were a waste of time or caused you problems?
3) Have you encountered any paradigm that, once entered into, would not allow you back out again because it was too "Real"?
4) Have you encountered a function of someone Else's paradigm that you experienced regardless of your Belief on the matter (like something that doesn't give a shit whether you believe in it or not just then, it's dealing with you)?
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#2 arjil

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 04:46 PM

1- I was too far down my own rabbit hole to engage any of them in good faith, so I can't really answer that. Tricks, here and there. Paganism, I suppose, for the channeling of energy. Psionics- for mind tricks. Buddhism- meditation and mental-emotional control.
2- Paganism, ceremonial magick, shamanism- Anytime I diverted from what I was learning from "The Universe" on my own, and accepted what these people said was true, I stagnated and my shit quit working. Every single time, I had to go back to what I knew to begin with.
3- My own path, for one. I know that makes me a bad chaote, but every other paradigm has proved to be a personally pointless and lesser path. I have had encounters, though, where I've delved, and certain entities have their mark upon me. I tread carefully to not run afoul of them by the rules of the paradigm/reality in which I encountered them, and uphold my end of any bargains made, because apparently those are binding, even after you do the swapping thing. just my experience there. That may be a function of whether people are dealing with their own personal reality/mental representations of these ideas, or if they actually dealt with an external agency. That's my thought on the matter anyway.
4- Often. among just about every paradigm, I've seen the real deal at work, and often, especially entities people are working with will come *talk* to me. The weirdest thing is when I'm not in the same "Reality" as someone else, and I can tell that some Heavy shit is going down over there, but cannot *see* or *touch* it myself. This is especially prevalent when someone legitimate has fallen too deeply into their own Personal reality, their own story and whatever they're dealing with is In There and doesn't echo beyond them. Most don't realize it or make the distinction, and it's Such a very important distinction in my opinion... but that's another matter.
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Posted 13 February 2017 - 05:06 PM

1. I found that experimenting with a variety of different techniques, taken from a diverse set of sources, helped to give me the idea that "something works" without forcing me to specify what exactly was responsible.

2. The most absolutely worthless paradigm is the one that gives you all the answers, rather than forcing you to find them on your own. Aside from that, as a technique, I found that visualization is meaningless and completely irrelevant to anything remotely connected to magic. If it helps you get an idea of what you are doing, great, but a visualized object does not exist and does not have any effect outside of your own thoughts.

3. Despite my insistent efforts to prove the contrary position, I have been repeatedly reminded that some form of moral authority ("right and wrong") exists and upon whose standards we are judged, despite the details of said judgments being exceedingly vague.

4. The most powerful antagonist belief I have confronted is that of the strict materialist, against whose standards all magical work must be evaluated. By practicing the esoteric arts, we are all skating on the brink of what is thought to exist, and more than a few of us have fallen into foolishness, fantasy, or outright insanity on a temporary or permanent basis. We have a genuine responsibility to ourselves to make sure that what we are doing is not just a bunch of hooey, and the measure of that activity cannot also be based in absurdity. It doesn't really matter if you have a stack of Theosophical literature that validates your claims of magical power if it seems to be a bunch of bull to everyone else and doesn't really do anything useful for yourself.


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