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Christian Kabbalah

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Posted 11 February 2017 - 11:11 PM

The Kabbalah, esotericism, and the divine name:
Yod (Y) = Nondual
Yod Heh (YH) = Masculine and Feminine, Negative and Positive
Yod Heh Wah (YHW) Salt, Mercury, Sulfur, Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable
Yod Heh Wah Heh (YHWH) = Water, Earth, Air, Fire.
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10. The Ten Seperah of the Tree of Life

Posted Image

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Posted Image

If you notice, I flip lunar and dark with masculine, and light and solar with feminine. I'm not the only Kabbalist who has done this though we are not well received (yet). I believe Hokma (wisdom) the right hand of the tree is wisdom, and so Sophia, the Holy Spirit and Goddess. That literal Hebrew and biblical.

Also, I switch Water with last formation, or beginning, aspect, instead of earth, as The Downward Triangle, is pure dark, of the Hexagram, where as Earth, the downward triangle with a line through it, is lower middle.

So we as earth men, live in the lower middle of tree, Yetzirah (formation) and only experience Assaih world of action, secondary.

Also, the last image shows the excessive force, truly evil, lesser or greater, the Qlippoth the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or "Tree of Death," as a parastic shadow of the tree. If you understand Tipareth, man, Adam, who becomes Christ, fell, then once the savior is completed, the qlippoth disappears, forming a perfect tree, where all "who are in Christ," find salvation in a perect creation. Which later is absolved into Ain Soph Aur, the three negative viels what God is beyond beginnings and ends, and so limitation.

Yeshua, is Spirit with four elements, where as Yahweh is merely the 4 seperate. Thus the Gnostic idea that God the father, originated as the Demiurge, the excessive "wicked," creator. But through Christ he is uplifted from his madness.

Yod Heh, Shin, Waw, Heh. Yeshua.

For nearly 20 years I meditated on and studied that which has no name, but is absolute, infinite, beyond both small and large. Finally one day I realized the limits of my sentient consciousness. It has all power over whether we are it or dual. There is no choice of the nondual, for choice is dual. Just be, live, do what you will, with love and wisdom. As Hermes said, in a time yet unborn, all shall be one, and one shall be all. True enlightenment has nothing to do with attainment. It's an inner peace, that there is nothing to be done, I call it surrender to the Spirit.

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