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An Old Lucid Dream’S Experience

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Posted 19 January 2017 - 06:08 PM

Just wanting to share an interesting experience I had with lucid dream\s. My second experience, if I remember correctly.

It happened around seven years ago. I was working somewhere, doing a night shift. Without getting too much into what I did and my workplace, my job was to basically sit all night and do nothing till morning but staying awake.

I spent a portion of the night watching movies on my laptop, eating pringles and drinking soda. Around 1am I decided to take a nap for as long as I could while making sure the office’s door locked and my radio on max volume, since there was always the possibility of my supervisor coming for a checkup. As such, I fell asleep while trying to stay attuned to the radio.

I’m not sure if it happened right away, but I soon found myself in a sitting position on the small green court outside the office. I felt strange, everything was vivid, I tarried for a moment and then realized that not only am I dreaming, but having a lucid dream.

My first thought was to verify my level of awareness. For some reason there was a green lawn on the cement court, which I don’t remember if I found weird or not, I passed my fingers through the grass and grabbed it. It felt completely real. I began to look around; everything was pretty much the same with the scenery outside the office, clear as if I was awake. I started to feel thrill and excitement, this was the most life like lucid dream I had!

And I woke up.

I looked around, went out to check the cement court for any grass, the radio was also quiet, all in all everything peaceful. I assumed that I got too excited and felt a little sad for the results. Still being tired, I noted the experience as a nice story to share (with no one who might get me fired), and dove to another sleep.


An instant after shutting my eyes…. This time not on the green court, but on the very same chair I used to sleep on, in the very same position and the very same spot in the office. I remembered everything from being awake and the first dream. I went out of the office (while in the lucid dream), thrill built up and I wakened.

Opening my eyes, I was shocked. I could not believe that not once, but twice I had lucid dreams, and from all the places, in my damned office place!

I calmed myself down; still tired I went to sleep.

Instantly again!

Exactly like the second dream! I closed my eyes only to open them right away in the same place, but in a dreamland (not sure I knew at that point).

It was too weird, to the point that I started to feel afraid. By force of will I woke up, took a deep breath, feeling extremely tired, I decided to go to sleep again, hoping to just have a regular dream.

Guess what? As if blinking, my eyelids went down in the real world and opened in the lucid dreamland, in the same place I’ve been.

This odd experience continued to occur for about seven to eight times, until my supervisor did arrive and stay to watch movies with me for the rest of the shift.

I do have particular memories from the experience, only don’t remember at which dream they occurred.

One time, when I feared that I can’t get up, I tried to use the radio and leave the office, but I quickly realized that even if I’ll found any of my coworkers, this is a freaking dream!

There was even a time that I shouted, hoping that my body doing the same and anyone who’s also working night will hear me.

Of course, not everything was nightmarish.

At some point I did what I always aspire to achieve in lucid dreams, an energy ball like in Dragon Ball Z (you can have your laughs now, if you haven’t already…). Well, it was a pretty difficult task. Nothing that I did physically accomplished anything, only when I told myself that it’s a dream and everything is in my brain. Thus, I used my imagination. That worked. It was not smooth nor felt like the power to conquer the world is at the tips of my finger. It rather required deep concentration to maintain every aspect of it.

Before I got to have too much fun, Frieza’s henchman spawned out of nowhere. At first I was like “Good, some target practice!” only for my dream to turn a little blurry and for me to recall that I’ll possibly need to imagine the entire fight and how every opponent is going down.

Sensing that I’m losing clarity of the dream, I resorted to the second thing I try to do while having a lucid dream, flying. I flew and it was awesome, until I got to a certain height and the entire world turned to the map of “budokai 3” when flying from island to island.

That’s it. Now and then I still have lucid dreams, but never like I had that night.

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