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The Blood Queen

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Posted 18 December 2016 - 10:29 PM

I was her emissary. I represented her in all dealings that were in her interests. Until a particularly stubborn representative who insisted that the Queen herself sign his papers. I tried explaining to him that my signature was sufficient. He would hear none of it. Then I heard her voice speak to me in my mind "Let him in". I proceeded to let this man in to the inner court.

She saw him and said to me " Well something seems a little off!." In reference to this particular representative. She then changed from her white robes into crimson robes. She exclaimed " I give gifts but not to the greedy nor the shallow!" and then proceeded to dismember a group of "nobles" who were present in the court. It was a bloodbath. After the ordeal, with a flick of a hand she killed off all the remaining courtiers. They were flushed down a strange sewer system. The so called "representative" had dressed up in drag to escape her wrath.

She returned into her white robes and everything became "normal". Everyday people came into the court and she welcomed them. I was left with the impression that I was tied to her no matter what...
It's not the flesh I'm after, but the howling ghost within...

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