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Dying As Demon, Ghost Or Angel

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Posted 21 September 2016 - 03:05 AM

The long version of my eulogy from and for Andrew David Oats (24 Aug 1982 -29 Jul 2013) a kindred spirit, a young angelic magickian who became a teacher and peer to me;
Andrew gave this posthumous message about the potential for all humanity to ascend as the angelic magickian.

ANGEL from Late Latin and Greek angelos means messenger. And angel is a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.1. An attendant spirit, especially a benevolent one.

Andrew Oats is a complex character. The Andrew I knew was perhaps not the same Andrew whom you knew and loved.

I met Andrew when he was 17 years old. He was a friend to two of my children; Chrissy and Michael who told me I must really meet their mate Oatsie because he was always talking about my “sort of stuff”; ghosts, spirits and angels.

I finally met Oatsie at Gavin Dewhurst’s party . Andrew had gathered a group around him and was entertaining them with ghost stories in a corner of Sheila Dewhurst’s lounge room.
I sat and listened a while. And when Andrew asked me for a reading, I happily obliged.

During the reading, Andrew just slipped out of his right shoulder morphing into a jester. I was astonished to see him project out of the body at will and confused that he could separate without coming out of his head or chest, which are common methods.The jester he manifested wore a fool’s hat with bells. Andrew held a mock sceptre topped by a jester’s doll only the eyes actually opened and the mouth moved up and down grating teeth like a nutcracker. I described his appearance as a past life and he laughed when I dropped my jaw in shock He said he was testing me. Andrew had a gentle sense of humour.

I invited Andrew to carpool with me to Kewdale for spiritual development seminars at Marlene Watson’s home. Andrew loved riding in our mx-5 convertible. He would insist on putting the top down no matter how cold it might be or even if it rained a bit so that he could feel the wind and see the starry sky. Andrew loved the moonlight.If you want to call Andrew’s spirit, the full moon would be the very best to time to visit with him.

When we were driving from Rockingham to Kewdale; it seemed like such a long run. But Andrew always attracted spirits and he would see this one or that one , sitting on the bonnet of the car and he would tell me what they were laughing about as we drove down the highway. A pretty young girl named Charlie was a friend of his sister Cat and Andrew had a crush on her. She died very young and her ghost was a regular visitor on our rides. She would play games with Andrew appearing and disappearing like the Cheshire Cat.

Many teenagers came to visit our teacher’s class once or twice including Gavin, Chrissy and Michael but Andrew was invited to enrol . He was her youngest student. That was because Andrew was a metaphysical genius. And that is the Andrew I want to tell you about. Others his age would not want to spend time with a 72 year old teacher and her students in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. But Andrew couldn’t drive because of his visual impairment and after he graduated high school friends came over to take him out, less and less. They were busy at jobs and at uni and then they began having children of their own.

Andrew lived with his mum back then. And he loved her so much. When he moved out , he would never visit Rockingham without a visit to his mum and he would ask us to drive him to see her. Or he would ask her to drive him to see us. He would plan his visits with mates and rellies and who would drive him where, in great detail.Once, he called me and told me that I must drive him to visit his mum in hospital. I said Andrew I just had a heart attack and I’m on bedrest. He said “Oh, so you are recovered then , that’s good , now take me to see my mother”. I laughed and I got my daughter Debbie to drive us both. We had a lovely visit there with Carol and Cat.
Andrew loved his sister Cat . And her children were a joy to him.

Andrew spoke of only two regrets not finishing his book and not having a child.
Andrew loved being the centre of attention and at 17, he was the wonderboy of Marlene’s circle. He was very much admired and appreciated. Other aspirants worked for years to become clairvoyant or to learn to project out of the body. But Andrew was clairvoyant at birth. He felt that his macular degeneration afforded him a higher degree of clairvoyance. And I agree. He could effortlessly trance and separate from his body, at will.

Andrew often remarked that when he was a little boy he would walk through crowds at airports and train stations and see more dead people than live people around him. This was always a marvel to him but he did have a fear of hospitals when he was a child because he could see confused ghosts of the recently deceased there. Over the years, he learned to live with spirit comfortably and to enjoy every aspect of them. And Andrew lead a fascinating life.

When our teacher Marlene, wanted to retire, we begged her to lead us one more year and she reluctantly did, but too soon we were on our own. And it was Andrew who insisted that we form a circle of peers and continue to teach each other. From 2004 to 2006, we met in my parlour,two hours an evening, three times a week.

Andrew had an insatiable curiousity and he took an intellectual perspective in his study of Ascension Alchemy, Kaballah and Hermetic Magick. His questions lead us to move from one paradigm to another.
We formed a circle of mystics including Bill C, Bill V. , Khylie, Tom, Trixie, Linda, Maggie, Heidi, Daniel T, Sveta, Debbie, Billy, Jodie, Andrew and me. Many of whom are here today. We were 7 to 78 years old, then.
Buddha said that each of us is both a student and a teacher to all whom we meet on our path. Andrew was a Buddhist. He was young but he was often the teacher of his senior peers and that seemed quite natural to him.
It had been our teacher’s practice to lead the circle in meditation, during which we would project from our body and see visions, get messages or have a lesson with a spirit or angel .And then we would return to share what we saw and learnt. But, Andrew wanted us to go to the same realm together. He wanted us to move through the realm likes Dungeons and Dragons companions relating what we saw and heard whilst still in meditative trance.

That sounded like a grand adventure but none of us thought it was possible . So Andrew researched and learnt that anciently mystics could project together in a group merkabah which is a subtle energy construct. Andrew told us he could navigate this merkabah intuitively and he did. We opened in prayer , sat in circle , drew energy into the body and projected simultaneously. Andrew lead us to the teaching plane of Shamballah which Buddha taught about 2,500 years ago. We saw each other there and saw the same teachers and had the same lessons and Andrew facilitated that !

I never thought our circle would end but the young ones got partners and travelled and went to uni and the old ones became hermits or passed away. Soon, our circles were only a few times a year. Still, Andrew visited and sat with Debbie, Jodie, Billy and me in circle from time to time. And those times are precious memories,now.

So it should not have surprised me when Andrew appeared after he died from this body and told me what he wanted me to say at his funeral. And it shouldn't have surprised me when I read on Facebook that his cousin called him her angel. Andrew was born an angel. That is his vibration was already angelic when he was incarnated, this time.

This is his lesson which he called 'LIES WE ARE TOLD';

A few years ago Debbie Curran and I (This is Andrew) were walking in Northbridge. We were going to meet some friends to play Laser Tag. As we moved through that zebra striped cross walk a young driver ran us down.
Debbie jumped out of the way just in time but I didn’t make it . I flew over the bonnet of her car and in that brief moment I thought so many things;

"Wow I am flying this is really so cool!"
"Wait, is this it?Is this all?Will it hurt?"
"Do I have any regrets? What would I do if I had more time?"

As I flew my life flashed in front of me and I thought, yes it is alright. I have lived a good life, a satisfying life, and I am ready, ready to go. I felt joy, euphoria, even bliss… and such peace. But then I worried what about this poor young women who has killed me? And I stopped.The curb came up to hit me. And I was gone in a Near Death Experience. But , I decided not to go. I decided I could not let her anguish over my death. I must take it upon myself. And I knew I would go again soon, but not right now.

Debbie reached for me through the abyss. I woke up, she was over me asking if I was ok ? I had been unconscious and as I came back fully into my body ,I felt such pain. My bones, my body and my resolve were broken, I felt fear …once more. We went by ambulance to hospital.

Everyone said it was that young driver’s fault. I did not want to hear that. Some said you must tell the police the truth or she might not learn her lesson, she might kill someone else driving like that; someone else’s love one. I felt that was wrong, another lie we are told.

I thought “NO! Life is about loving and forgiving. What would I want to happen if I made such a horrible mistake and hit a blind man in a crosswalk.? I would want it all to go away .Surely, I can do that for her. I thought.I can give her an amazing gift. I can release her from that Karma and release myself too. I can say it was my fault because didn’t Buddha say “We are the author of our own demise”. I put myself there in that place, at that time. If I sue her , I enter into a karmic wheel with her. Perhaps in another life I will have to be the driver who kills her! I have no regrets now, let me not be weighed down by this one. I won’t do that. If I forgive her, she will pay it forward. She will forgive someone else who really needs that. Others said to me ,”What about the bills ? What about the trauma what about the pain you endured and the pain you will continue to have?” But I said “No! this was one of the best lessons of my life and I want to pass this lesson.” Buddha says to “thank the enemy for they are your very best teacher.” So I will not blame the driver , I will forgive this young girl and I will let this go. I will thank her.

And they say there is no magick.

They tell us magick is the stuff of childish fantasy but they are wrong. I was born a magickian. A magickian sees clairvoyantly, hears clairaudiently, feels clairsentiently, knows psychically and flies in astral projection. I can do all these things and more. That is what I learnt and practiced, in this life.

So do not weep for me. I have merely pressed the reset button on the video game that was my life.I shall be poured into a new vessel and come back to you and know you again.
Instead, please celebrate my life and celebrate my time with you.

I tell you if each of you here lived 100 years, it would be like the blinking of an eye in the spirit realm ,before we are all together again, once more. My spirit will always be there for you to visit as Andrew Oats and yet my soul shall go on and be many and much much more. I loved this life and I will return, very soon, to live again.

They told us that angels are immortal beings; those messengers of God whom are higher and separate from humans but they were wrong. I was born an angel. We are the angels you and I . Everyone of us has the potential to become the angel within. We are told that demons are evil beings who plague this world in the service of some red pitch forked devil but that is wrong too, we are also the demons.
Our words, thoughts, actions of love create the angel. Our words thoughts action of non loving create the form of the demon.
When we die we can be ghosts or we can ascend to be angels or we can descend to be demons.

Be the angel.

Learn all you can about loving and forgiving.

The angel we begin to become is humble and weak, it appears only in the dreams of family, inspiring us to love and forgive. Later, this angel learns to appear to others, to heal, to protect and to exorcise. By its service, it is magnified becoming stronger and brighter.

Become the angel,
that is my legacy to you.

Call me and I will be there and I will help you to become the angel you already are, within.

Guilt, sorrow, hatred and revenge weigh us down, descending our vibration.
It is the weight of our hearts that determines our final destination.
Loving and forgiving, lifts us up.

And I am happy to be free of this karma. I have left this body and magnified this soul.
Do not weep for me .

I was born Andrew Oats; a magickian and an angel.

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Posted 25 February 2017 - 11:16 PM

What an awesome very poignant post Aunt Clair thank you for sharing Andrew Oats a magickian and an angel with me

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Posted 06 December 2017 - 08:23 AM

View Postvioletstar, on 25 February 2017 - 11:16 PM, said:

What an awesome very poignant post Aunt Clair thank you for sharing Andrew Oats a magickian and an angel with me

I can feel the tension manifesting over the word 'Magickian'. Building climax to apex of crescendo. Unleash Hell! :-)
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