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Arjil's Sigil Theory

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Posted 20 August 2016 - 04:04 AM

Here's a work in progress, that I would like some feedback on to make it more clear what I'm talking about here.

Arjil’s sigil theory-
So, most chaotes are familiar with the Sparian sigil theory- the whole subconscious programming schtick, and yeah, it’s great, works just fine. However, over the last twenty or so years especially, we’ve discovered other ways to approach, empower, and Use the sigil concept.

It seems, that the Way you think about and approach the concept, all the way from inception to post firing makes a difference in how they work and what you can do with them.
The first place I saw this explored, for instance, was back in the day on the old Occultforums 10 or 15 years ago. We had a “blind sigil post” experiment to determine whether someone Else could successfully fire a sigil You made, without knowing what it was For.
We figured, that if it was merely a matter of personal subconscious programming, then there’s No way for that to work, Unless the intent was somehow infused into the symbol itself- as with commonly used magickal symbols like runes or goetic seals, or whatever.
So many of us made various sigils, and sent them to the mod along with the intent, and he posted the image in the forum, we all fired them and reported back anything that seemed like a result.
What we discovered was that sometimes, other people Could fire somebody else’s sigil, and achieve results at least recognizable in the intent. (they seemed to vary a bit, person to person, but the general idea tended to come through.- the one I created was basically a 3rd eye squeege. The 4 or 5 people that it worked for, out of 10 or 12 who fired it, all reported some form of jump in “magickal perception”)
Like I said, if “personal subconscious programming” were the only thing going on there, there’s No Way that could have worked. Clearly, there’s more to this- some of which seems “no brainer” now, but at the time was a hotly contested topic.

So, I’ll just launch into the ways in which I use, and view sigilcraft, and hopefully you’ll find something of use or interest in here-

(***a couple base assumptions I make in regards to magick- One being a somewhat mystic view. I deal with magick sort of like a combination of “The Force”, and what in a faerie tale/RPG/fantasy book etc would be considered Magick- a force, a power, a current, you know, Just Effing Magick. Secondly, and related, I approach sigils from a Runes of Power, or active spell construct perspective. They have power or resonance of their own, if you craft them from this perspective, though I acknowledge it's not the only valid perspective***)

Broadly, there seem to be some main Themes in sigil constructs-
Specific- single use, designed for very specific situation (Get Me *this* Job). Non reusable, tends to only work on the Creator of the sigil or their intended target. Other people firing it would get no result, but can, depending on how it was made, further empower the spell (more on this later)
Tech- more general construct, (sigil for prosperity/curse/healing/whatever- any sort of spell you would Cast). Reusable, easily modified by others to fit their specific situation. Tends to work on the Caster, or their intended target. Other people firing it would see the result manifest in their Own reality, rather than empowering the creator’s original spell.
Talismanic- sigil construct charged and maintained for a sustained magickal effort. Either a literal talisman (protection, say), servitor, glamourbomb, entity, symbolize a current etc. Reusable. Works in accordance with programmed intent. Most recognizable symbols of the occult would (loosely) fit this category, as Somebody was the first one to draw them and decide they meant Magick.

My favored uses/views for sigils are
A) a “spell filter”- (falling into either the “Specific” or “Tech” category) that being an intentional construct upon/through which I can focus my will/channel my magick, I only bother if it’s too complex a construct to just hold in my head. The benefit here is that I don’t have to split focus between my intent and the raising and throwing of the magick. I can focus entirely on the magick bit, and that gets programmed as it “passes through” the sigil construct.
This is also extremely effective for group work, as many people of disparate paradigms and methods can all throw down on such a construct, empowering it in whatever way they “do their thing” and the sigil ensures all that voo goes toward the same end rather than everybody working at cross purposes and getting all tangled up. It’s much like the role of a high priestess in Pagan ritual work- the coven raises the energy, the priestess shapes it all into the same spell. Same concept, and quite effective.
B ) Talismanic- explained above, I shouldn't need to cover it for those who know what they’re doing... may need to talk more about it.

When creating my sigils, especially the “spell filter” type I use a “Schematic” sort of notion.
Instead of a simple statement of intent that then gets broken down to letters (Spare method), I usually begin with my target and write that down, then use simple words and phrases (even poetry if that seems appropriate) that boils down the essence of my broader intent, along with boxes, circles, arrows, lines, swirleys and simple doodles to map out what I want the magick to do (such as draw in certain resonances/possibilities and exclude others, for instance)- I write everything in my own alphabet designed specifically for magick to cut out interference from outside association (different discussion for another day), and with my words and symbols, as I write or draw them, I channel “Magick” into each one, holding the broader intent behind that bit in my mind, and Literally channeling *energy/chi/will/elemental force/magick/whatever* along with the resonant connection to what that symbol stands for, down my arm, through the pen, Into the symbol to make it a real thing independent of Me that exists as a magickal construct (that’s the theory anyway, seems to work pretty darn well).

Then for charging/firing, I use my usual direct manipulation method of magick throwing. I summon up my Will and Magick, focus on the sigil construct, and blow the magick Into or Through it. Though Any spellcasting method/ritual/energy raising technique will do the trick-
the Gnosis angle, yeah it works, but I find that an intentional, focused, “Putting Magick To It” works better- and many times, with people going the gnosis route, there’s a disconnect between the activity at hand (lol) and getting the energy raised Into the magickal operation, relying on the subconscious to do all the work at this point.
Again, yeah, that works. Some may find it the penultimate practice. I and a number of others find it terribly lacking after long experimentation.
I get it that there’s a bias against the “energy model” especially among chaotes and “Psych model” folks. But it’s worth experimenting with. It’s been my long experience that the sigil charged and fired through intentionally channeled magick, or ritual, beats the one somebody just rubbed one out over every time. The Magick matters, or really seems to.
***yes, you can get there just “holding your mind right”, making the gnostic act, an act of magick, but that doesn’t seem common. I’m making a somewhat fine distinction here of mental state and intent, and I hope I get that across.***

Hopefully, this glimpse into my mind and method will help people become more effective in their sigilcraft.

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Posted 20 August 2016 - 01:21 PM

View Postarjil, on 20 August 2016 - 04:04 AM, said:

if “personal subconscious programming” were the only thing going on there, there’s No Way that could have worked. Clearly, there’s more to this- some of which seems “no brainer” now, but at the time was a hotly contested topic.

It's definitely both. The intent carries, but it gets flavored by personal programming. Same for the obvious differences in shared dreaming accounts. The original intent carries, but final outcome is determined by the personal. If I send an angry dog to attack an animal lover, it probably won't have much effect, yet if I use snakes against someone who is afraid of snakes, my original intent is much more effective.

When designing a spell for public use, I have to take into account possible variations in how people think of the ideas and concepts involved in the spell. Using childhood paradigms lets me assume a certain degree of homogeneity among users, and my stuff generally has a good reported success rate.

For personal spells, I use concepts which I have personalized and may not match up to how everyone else sees those concepts. But for public spells, I have to take into account all the possible variations in every culture! For instance, my Rat Guard works great for me, but it might not be ideal for everyone due to the nature of the core imagery involved. Someone recently asked me to make a protective spell for their dog because competitive dog showing is so cut throat. I was going to recommend the Rat Guard, but decided to go with Sopwith Snoopy for the core concept of a defender instead. Not everyone understands rats to the same degree, but just about everyone knows Snoopy fighting off the Red Baron. It helps ensure the outcome of this spell will be more predictable and more reliable.

(Doggie protection sigil)
Posted Image

I still use sigils mainly as focal points. a means to access specific things. More so for other people these days. When people have too many questions about how to do magic, I throw them a sigil and some general instructions on how to use it, and that usually shuts them up and gets them doing.
“Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you. Because what is seeing? You’re looking, but what you’re really doing is filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning. My job? To take that most precious of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you.” - Now You See Me

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Posted 20 August 2016 - 05:35 PM

Hmmm, I wonder if it was your posting of this sigil I saw floating around fbook recently, or if someone else was using it? Cool. and well said
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Posted 22 August 2016 - 07:40 AM

You take you pencil and make something. This is my theory. :)))))))
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