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Necessary Info For Beginner Golden Dawn Rituals

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#1 ElectricBlue32


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Posted 20 July 2016 - 06:30 PM

First take into consideration that what constitutes as "beginner" or Neophyte rituals will vary from Order to Order. In the original Golden Dawn, the Neophyte learned the lesser banishing and invoking pentagrams and nothing else; they concentrated mostly on the study of Hebrew and basic Qabalistic concepts, et al. I am not sure which Orders this remains true, though the few years I spent in David Griffin's Order, I had LBRP, LBRH, Middle Pillar, and Rose Cross in my 0=0 curriculum. According to quite a few Adepts I am friends with, the last of those is highly irregular for a Neophyte to learn. It's relatively harmless in my experience, however. I digress.

If one is going to pursue, at the very least, the lesser banishing rituals, and the lesser invoking pentagram ritual (there is no lesser invoking hexagram), there are a few pieces of advice I have for successful execution of these rituals. (Some of this I'd written on my old Tumblr blog so you might find it elsewhere on Google.)

One piece of terminology you will encounter when reading step-by-step explanations of Golden Dawn rituals is "vibrate". So WTF is vibrating? Donald Michael Kraig wrote “If we can control vibration, we can control matter”. So, using vibration, we can control our inner and outer planes. When you intone a certain phrase or name of God, the power you put behind this invests you into whatever element, astrological sign, sephirot, etc, you are using and vice versa. It is a means of connection used by the magician.

But, what exactly is it? It is, essentially, singing or chanting any resonate note that gives your body a feeling of vibration, sort of like a tuning fork. That’s it, really. According to my own experience, there must be a certain amount of force and timbre behind this note. My 7=4 mentor said that it should feel like your chanting is vibrating out into the universe. The tone should also be steady and unchanged along the duration of the ritual.

Visualizations are also important in Golden Dawn rituals. During the rituals, you're instructed to picture in your mind various colors and shapes. This is a fundamental aspect of the ritual that helps the magician direct her energy towards the desired ends. Visual learners will find this particularly easy. However, if you're like me, visualizations don't come easy. Having a picture in your head or knowing the concept is good enough. For example, if you plan on doing a ritual with the sephiroth Geburah, you could look up a picture of a red supergiant on google. Along with the color, you should focus on the conceptual archetype while doing the ritual. Again, this helps direct your energy towards your desired ends.

In regard to middle pillar, the breathing is also particularly important in the latter part of the ritual. When circulating light, one should visualize a current of energy flowing in the given direction. (Anyone not familiar with this should look up the ritual a la Griffin as mentioned above.) When circulating light upwards through the "middle pillar" you should visualize energy circulating up with the inhale and over the aura in a spherical shape around themselves with the exhale. This stabilizes the magician's energy and creates a positive current that protects them from influence, to a certain extent.

I feel this is a bit long winded, and I might add to this later. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

#2 Imperial Arts

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Posted 20 July 2016 - 09:38 PM

I recommend the essay by Regardie on "vibration" in The Complete Golden Dawn System (the big red leather brick).

To summarize, if you hang a spoon in the middle of a length of twine looped at the ends aroumd the tips of your index fingers, and hit it gently against something, it dings. If you do the same thing with those fingertips in your ears, the sound is like cathedral bells. To anyone else, it sounds like a spoon going ding, but to you it sounds like magic.



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Posted 21 July 2016 - 02:51 PM

View PostElectricBlue32, on 20 July 2016 - 06:30 PM, said:

First take into consideration that what constitutes as "beginner" or Neophyte rituals will vary from Order to Order. In the original Golden Dawn, the Neophyte learned the lesser banishing and invoking pentagrams and nothing else; they concentrated mostly on the study of Hebrew and basic Qabalistic concepts, et al.

I have a few questions but I think one at a time is best.

I'm interested to know your estimation of the purpose of these rituals, and the expected effect of rehearsing them regularly. In short, what's the point and, assuming you've done this preliminary work yourself, what were the salient results for you personally?
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Posted 30 July 2016 - 01:17 AM

I have personally found a lot of the Golden Dawn rituals very helpful. Thank you for this info, it is helpful.

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Posted 26 February 2019 - 11:12 PM

Hello! Thank you for the post it is very informative! I noticed you had mentioned you were in David Griffins order for a few years. I am currently working the correspondence program through his GD because there are no temples around me with any availability to initiate me in person :(. I am in a tight financial situation so I cant travel where they want me to go for the initiation, so my question is this: is the correspondence program worth the work? I do feel like its working magically I have notice a lot of improvement in myself and just feel more "magical". I guess I just sort of feel like I;m missing something without actually being initiated. Is this a valid thought or just one of my desire to be physically initiated?

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Posted 28 February 2019 - 02:03 AM

Hi Tb777. I am also interested in the Golden Dawn material, though I have not gotten attached to any particular group. I am working through the big red leather brick that Imperial Arts referred to.

Your desires and curiosity are absolutely valid, if you feel as though getting yourself "initiated" in a physical place then you should start working towards it. I don't know where those locations might be but there is totally value in setting a goal and figuring out how to accomplish it. I would suggest finding other things of interest if a major trip was involved so you can guarantee excellent memories even if the temple experience falls short of expectation.

Having not been initiated into any magical order take my thoughts for what they are worth without a real frame of reference. I did meet the folks who wrote the book on self initiation, and wasn't impressed with them or the others in attendance from whatever study group or temple they were attached to.

I think of initiation like baptism - for some people it could be a very significant personal experience changing their lives forever. For others, they just get to feel silly for a few minutes and walk away with a soggy forehead. I wouldn't discount either result, everyone's take away will likely vary.

What is it that drew you to the Griffin methods? I perused the website but had a hard time deciding to jump in after the presentation I saw and wasn't personally moved by the replies to email I had sent over.

Best Wishes in your efforts

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Posted 09 March 2019 - 05:13 AM

adding after a profound experience tonight:

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