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Personal Magical Motifs

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 07:53 AM

I had a weird daydream when thinking about how to organically express "magic." I'm just throwing this out there because they struck me as novel. I'm curious how you all might interprete them.

The first was a doe skull and ribcage bursting through an oval opening. The bones were shifting between something vaguely bipedal and something serpentine. The bones were wreathed in snakes, snakes that were also muscles and darkness. The snakes were dark, dark purple, green, and black.

The second was harder to describe. It was a starfish thing. Shaped like a biohazard symbol, it had sharp edges. Down the center line of each of the three arms ran a row of eyes. The thing was colored pink and blue, and on the back instead of pseudo pods there were teeth along a groove in the middle of each arm. It felt both organic and inorganic at the same time.

The third motif was much less concrete. It was an arrangement of the impression that there was a set of eyes in a position. It was like looking at the audience at a movie theater, but only knowing where the eyes are and seeing nothing.

The last was again very concrete. It was the left forearm of an albino lizard, that had been mutated so that it had two sets of fingers on the same hand. It was like a second hand grew within the first and burst free. One set of fingers were shorter than the other, but not by much. The image was accompanied by the sensation that the arm was also my arm.

Trippy, huh?

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