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The Dreaming Double

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 12:11 PM

The Double is one concept from Castaneda's book I had never really understood. It's something like when you dream, you create that dream world and that dream body you are using. The Double is what dreams up your waking world, another you. Confusing concept to say the least.

Didn't think I had any experience with the double until I saw someone post this:

"... And then I saw it. I saw myself from the other side of the altar, only from a slightly more elevated angle vibrating quickly and violently like in one of those films when they try to show what a psychodelic trip would be like. At one second I had black eyes, the other beige wings spread behind me, then fangs in my mouth and a few other images vibrating, moulding, but I was laughing, smiling, I seemed to be having soooo much fun. And then it stopped, and for the first time the 'me' in front of me lifted me (my?) eyes and looked straight at me and lunged at me with a mouthful of razor needle sharp teeth, stopped half way, laughed and I was back in my body again."

I ran that buy Della Van Hise, and she said that sounded like the double's antics, which really cleared things up for me. The attitude behind those antics seemed really familiar. In fact, it's such a specific attitude, that it's easy to recognize. Kind of like a jerk big brother, like with the "made you flinch" feint in the above quote.

In particular I'm reminded of the times where I've noticed the "me" behind the dream, the influence powering the dream. When I do, it sometimes changes and takes on this attitude, it's kind of a dick actually. Thinks it's being funny, which it is if your ego doesn't get in the way. Frankly, it's always seemed like there was a sentience and will behind it which always left me questioning exactly what it was.

The other times I recall a suspect sentience with very same attitude is a very common dream scenario. You're almost lucid or have just gotten lucid, and the dream tries to convince you that you are NOT dreaming. In fact, it seems to go out of it's way to convince you that you're not dreaming. Just about everyone who goes through that has the sneaking suspicion there's some kind of separate intelligence behind it. I think it's the double with that jerk big brother attitude, knocking over your blocks for fun.

To be clear, the double isn't a dick for the sake of being a dick, it just has no regard for your ego. Yet it's not the cold disregard you get from other entities either, it's a very specific attitude.

Any of that sound familiar to anyone? I know something like "attitude" is pretty subjective, but in this case I think it's a pretty accurate marker.

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“Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you. Because what is seeing? You’re looking, but what you’re really doing is filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning. My job? To take that most precious of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you.” - Now You See Me

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