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Spirit Possession In Dreams

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Posted 17 April 2015 - 07:03 PM

I couple of years ago I had dream in which I was possessed by (the Orisha) Oxum. At least in the dream was I sure that it was a possession. I haven't done anything to follow up on this, for me, quite intense dream, because I have been absorbed in a different kind of practice, and I thought that I would get deeper into similar experiences just by having that intention and an open mind. However reading through my old dream journals I got the feeling that I should dedicate more effort to go further with some of the dreams I have had.
I guess possession is not an uncommon theme in dreams for practicing occultists, and I wondered if someone might have a similar experience to share, or even suggestions for following up on the experience.
The plot of the dream was that I was a part of magickal group, consisting of four persons, working on a ritual for evoking Oxum. Two of the initial members had left group and were replaced by two newcomers who weren't taking the ritual very seriously. We were in a yellowish/goldish room with an altar and I started reading from a scroll, when a very intense and sharp energy entered my head from above filling it with goldish/yellowish/brownish colours through which I could see the room around me, but I was no longer using my body and started speaking in a language, that I didn't knew while I could hear it being spoken through me. This meant that the ritual was performed successfully and the two newcomers changed their attitude towards the group's magical work.
After leaving room I talked with a dream character by a lake, who also belonged to Oxum, but we agreed that we were very unfit to belong to Oxum, because we didn't have the looks. The dream started to change into a more mundane vibe, and I entered a kiosk to buy some foodstuff getting some remarks from the owner, that he didn't understand why anybody wants to worship these kinds of spirits.
The setting and the characters were all European, and the dream didn't have any African or Brazilian elements, which I could notice.


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