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Sleep Recordings

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#1 TheCusp


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 02:43 AM

Someone on ATS had a program running to record any noise during the night, and picked up himself mumbling strange things. Probably gibberish, but it also kind of sounds like some strange language.

He's got five 15 second clips. Just posting it on the odd chance anyone recognizes some ancient language being used. Some of them are just funny.

I'd love to use a similar program, but I snore too much.

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#2 Mugami

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Posted 21 February 2014 - 03:39 AM

The inflections are off. In a real language (as opposed to people "speaking in tongues") there is natural breath and pause, words have inflection and are tonal, even a tone-deaf language like Japanese.

He's just "speaking in tongues". He's also impeccably able to speak into a mic while unconscious, unless the sensitivity is just turned up really high. In which case, why is there no background noises? Very polite passing cars, crickets, random dogs, etc.,.
Also, in the 3rd or 5th recording...you can hear his hand brush across a sheet of paper on a desk right before he speaks, as if leaning towards the mic.

I could be completely wrong.

Further, Glossolalia does occur as a part of Somniloquy, though the extent can range from "huh" to "OMFG they're fucking possessed". I have sleep paralysis and somniloquy occurs relatively often enough to be annoying to my girlfriend and sometimes wake me up.

But I could be wrong that way too.

What I am positively not wrong about, is they need a life and laid. Bad. Real bad.
*shakes head*
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