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Gold Membership, Board Of Directors, And Donations

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 06:53 PM

The system used for making donations or adding subscriptions is broken so I am using Paypal manually. My account accepts most major credit cards...

If you would like to become a member on any level can can do so via PayPal (credit cards accepted). My Paypal address is qryztufre@gmail.com. The memberships are applied manually, so may take several days to go through. If you are worried about your upgrade email me and I will get right on itI am not online daily, so your membership may not take effect for up to 72 hours, but most of the time you should be converted within 24.

  • .Be sure to include your username when submitting your information so I will know who to upgrade!
Also be sure to let me know which of the following options you are wanting to upgrade to.
  • Board of Directors: $60 1 Year
  • Gold Member : $15 1 Year
  • Benefactor : $15 1 Year
  • Donation
If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the email address above, through PM here on the site, or email me directly at qryztufre@gmail.com.
  • Gold members enjoy several perks, aside from helping to pay the costs of the corpus, they get special access to a gold members forum, get bigger avatars, larger in-boxes, and more!
  • Benefactors are the same as Gold Members but without the color change in the name.
  • Board members get all the perks of a gold membership, access to the Moderators social board, and have a say (vote) in many of the changes that take place here on the corpus.
  • Donations are always welcome!
  • (I will post a more detailed list of perks in the coming days, I hope).

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