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The Full Description Of The Spread Rahdue's Wheel.

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Posted 18 April 2012 - 09:05 PM

I am now going to try my hand at the description of the Rahdue's Wheel. I found a description on a webpage a while back, that only discussed the bare essentials of this reading. This reading was originally designed by Eileen Connolly in her second book "Tarot for the Journeyman". I know that I started a "Spread" thread just a few days ago. This, I believe, was warranting a unique thread, due to the massiveness and the voluminous text that proceeded it.

The Rahdue's Wheel is one of the full 78 card readings. The topics include telling of the past, present, and future. Additional information also includes much past life work in regards to past situations that mirror the present for the querent. The spread also has a block near the end of the reading, that is only turned face up per specific question asked. I will go in depth later regarding these cards.

The author and creator of this spread also indicates time frames for the "dials" concerning the past, present, and future. Her statements say that the past dial only goes back up to 28 days, and the future only goes towards 3 months. The past life reading part has no such restriction.


Have the client write down up to 9 questions. Also prepare a block of time about 3 hours for the full reading. Also obtain a notebook and pencil to write down the reading for future readings of Rahdue's Wheel.

I personally, would recommend a smaller tarot deck, due to the size of this spread.

The Layout

Posted Image

As a basic idea what we are doing here, the first 39 cards will be a clock within a clock within a clock. We lay down cards from the 1 o'clock position until we reach 12 o'clock face down. We then turn them up one at a time, and inperpret the meaning from the positions. The 13'th card is laid in the center, which 'solidifies' the first 12. We do this again for 14-25, with the solidifier 26, and then 27-38 and the solidifier at 39.


The wheel 1-13 is for the present reading.
The wheel 14-26 is for the past reading.
The wheel 27-39 is for the future reading.

The general pattern is that the first 12 of each wheel goes in sequence around a clock dial, starting with 1 in the 1 o'clock position, going to 12 o'clock. The solidifier is placed in the center. The second dial starts at 14 in the 1 o'clock position, and goes around to 25 in 12 o'clock. 26 is placed. The same goes also with 27 through 38, with 39 placed as the 3rd solidifier.

1: Inner self, karmic path. The very first card represents what kind of changes are happening in your clients' life now! This card could be positive or negative, but this is the immediate change.

2:Security and relationships. Court cards will usually indicate someone significant in the clients' life. Also depends on what the client needs for the security, it may well be financial, health, or something else.

3:Plans, ideas, philosophy. A positive care here is a very good sign, as it shows that other areas lacking can be repaired quicker. This area can also express hidden areas of assumption behind someone's beliefs. Tread carefully, as this can be especially personal. People's dreams can also be found here, showing a secret side of them that they may not be fully aware.

4:Background, parents, home. Has your client been helped or hindered by any of these? You may find some harsh feelings when exploring this. However, if the client is ready, this can be a way to bring the problems and feelings into the light and come to terms with them. It is very possible that this card can show problems that are beyond the clients ability to change.

5:Hopes, desires, pleasures. A positive card can help nullify the potential negatives found in the 4'th position. It is also possible to find that the client is trapped within some social construct; perhaps a faltering marriage, or dead end job. The diviner also shares some responsibility if the hopes and desires are out of this world unattainable.

6:Health, concerns: The book states to simply refer to a MD if the client admits any sort of health problems, but ignores potential readings thereof. I am still trying to divine a good explanation of this position, or to change it out.

7:Partners, loved ones. Close relationships are the target of this card. Energies relating to partner(s), children, family, business partners are all intertwined. Compatible energies will show a synergy between them, while non-compatible energies will hinder to the point of subduing. This card will show where he stands in the support of those loved ones.

8:The Mystic Symbol-portrays potential gains. This card can be negative, but usually shows positive gains that the querent can have now. However, a warning is made as well; if the querent procrastinates, these gain may disappear. These gains are usually attributed to a 'ripening' of karmic fruit.

9:Distance, travel. Travel does not have to mean going somewhere afar. This can also mean that the querent may have to go somewhere they do not usually frequent. It can also indicate that the querent will have to go elsewhere to apply for a position. It can also mean that someone is trying to reach them, if a court card shows up.

10:Karmic amplitude-life's work. This card contains the seed that carries the querent's intention. It could be buried, or on the surface, but it is there. What karma has he earned? Has he expressed his talents? What is the querent doing with this life?

11:True desire for self and others. This card represents the full and true desire for what we want. The author states to question the querent as to if this is a good undertaking, and to query if this is a good undertaking. I disagree with the author's assessment. Going against the true will is never a good thing. Instead, I intrepret this as a way to keep the querent on track of what they truly want.

12:Hidden vibrations, only known on subconscious level. If the client is denying their true desire, this can nullify the querent and potentially paralyse actions. This is the card, mainly for the diviner, that will show if the client is lost and how to refind them.

(SOLIDIFIER #1, card 13)
13: This card is "The Key to the Inner Wheel". This card confirms the reading given by the first 12 cards, and links to card 14 which deals with future activity. If a court card is present here, it means a new person will be playing a prominent part of the querent's life soon. An Ace of any suit also means that a new cycle in the querent's life is due to begin.

14-25: These cards are to be read for the Querent's future, using the same definitions as above. According to the author,says the reading only goes 3 months into the querent's future.

21:The Mystic Symbol-The result of the harvest. Whatever the card indicates, the results will be beneficial to the Querent. This card will show an action that will free the client of circulating patterns that trap them. The querent may not take this oppurtunity, but is made available. If this path is chosen, the querent's life can change completely.

23:Karmic Amplitude-Source of satisfaction. This card can be thought of as a rescue card. This card can show the avenues of possible success, and how to navigate which ones will be in line with the querent. If you detect frustration or disharmony in the spread, you will find guidance here. Note that reading in the future 28 days can be adverse unless one is adept at the Rahdue's Wheel. It is recommended to take advantage of the full 3 months granted by this reading.

Also note that 21 and 23 are to be read in conjunction with the "Present" wheel.

(SOLIDIFIER #2, card 26)
26: This confirms the information passed on in the Future Wheel.

The past only goes back to the beginning of the esoteric month. The author claims it is from the beginning of the current month to the stroke of midnight of the 28'th. Given her extensive use of the Kaballah, I would dare say that she is wrong to use the solar calendar. The Jewish peoples still use a lunar calendar in which each month is 28 days, which I believe is more in the spirit of what she has made.

27-38:These cards follow the same definitions as above, but applied to the past.

34:The Mystic Symbol-Karma Shared. This position shares an insight in which the querent and someone else shared a particular situation. She claims the beginning of the esoteric month is on the first of every month and ends at the stroke of midnight of the 28'th. A Rahdue's Wheel reading on the 14'th would only see in the past to the 1'st of that month. The remaining days of the month (29, 30, 31) are accounted by the Future Wheel solidifier.

36:Karmic Amplitude-adjustment relating to karma. This card relates some kind of significant change within the querent that happened within the recent (esoteric month) past. The effects of said event may not have caught up with the querent yet, but the event has surely done its action.

(SOLIDIFIER #3, card 39)
39: This puts a capstone on the recent events of the querent that lead to the present.

We have now completed the 3 wheels, in the center. Now, we will delve within the past life situations that have lead the querent from their past, present, and future. We start this by the cards in position 40 through 49 called the "Dagim Block".

[DAGIM BLOCK] (Hebrew name for Pisces)

Unlike the positions of cards above in the wheels, these cards are meant to be read as a block. The sequence of cards does NOT indicate a time sequence. the purpose of the Dagim Block is to compare a past life situation to one that is relevant in the immediate present.

Court cards are important in this block. They represent people only.If you are reading for a female, the first Queen represents the querent. Other court cards represent people in that lifetime that are here now in the present of the querent.

If you are reading for a male, the first King is the querent and other court cards represent other people as explained above.

If the client is not yet 29 years old, disregard using kings and queens, and instead use Pages. This rule applies to either sex.

(SOLIDIFIER #4, card 49)

This card solidifies the querents intended karmic patterns. Do not reveal this card until the Dagim Block has been appropriately interpreted.

[PILLAR OF TALEH] (Hebrew name for Aries)

The Pillar of Taleh holds the memory of our relationships of past lives. These 'genetic memories' are preserved to remind our higher selves which were beneficial and harmful. You may learn whom you are to meet again, whom you are not, whom you will love, and whom you will befriend.

The Pillar of Taleh works as similar as the Dagim Block, but with the focus being on people associated with the querent's past life relationships that are relevant to the present.

If the querent is concerned about a family member's attitude towards a situation, a valid question would be "Is this a Karmic Reaction?". The answer will usually turn up in the Pillar of Taleh. The possible lack of court cards could indicate that a situation is setting up that will initiate a relationship.

(SOLIDIFIER #5, card 59)

This card is called the "Key to Knowledge", and is placed next to card #58. A king solidifier indicates a female will find her soul mate. A Queen solidifier indicates that a male will find his soul mate. This card only confirms past life relationships that are relevant to the present.

[PILLAR OF SHOR] (Hebrew name for Taurus)

The Pillar of Shor holds our memory of experience of our past lives. This memory is called the Karmic Seed, by the author. The Karmic Seed contains the cause.

Questions to watch out for are of the type "Why do I do the same thing over and over again?". These show the same result from the same unresolved Seed. Relationships can dissolve, and success can be unattainable given the previous patterns that are repeated.

Many people never have the chance to look at the Cause of the actions they respond to. People get stuck in ruts, or make the same mistakes again and again.

As in the previous Pillar, we read the 9 cards as a coherent block. Individual card interpretations come after the whole picture is developed.The purpose of this Pillar is to show how the Karmic Seed developed, or what is happening in your present life that is related to the Karmic Seed.

Another pitfall is there can be more than 1 Karmic Seed! At the time of the reading, the diviner will be shown 1 seed and how it relates to the querent. If there is much trauma from 1 seed, the whole picture may be shown.

However, if the pillar shows how the seed developed, the querent may already have gone through this experience. The diviners' job is now to explain what happened, how it was caused and why.

(SOLIDIFIER #6, card 69)

Also called the "Key To Open". It is the key to the querent's consciousness, and the hidden reasons and past experiences.


This block is to be laid out, FACE DOWN. Card 74 should be line up with 6, 19, and 32. This block is not to be read or flipped until all other cards and interpretations are done.

During the preparation, the querent wrote down up to 9 questions. Many of them may have been answered with the rest of the reading. This block is for the unanswered questions that still linger from the beginning.

If the querent has 2-9 questions, you have the querent ask them, and the diviner flips up the first card in the block. You do 1 card per question. Each question is interpreted BEFORE going to the next question. The rest of the cards that do not have a question are to be left FACE DOWN. This retains the power of the reading.

If the querent has 1 question, ALL the cards are to be used for answering. In this case, you turn over the 1st Malkuth card and read it. Once the first is read, then you turn over the second card. After each card is analysed one at a time, then the diviner can look for connections between them.

In the end, you should have a spread that resembles this shape.

Posted Image

This is the Visconti Tarots I have mentioned in previous threads. The gold foil does interesting things in photographs.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH! You are finally done!

Full attribution given to Eileen Connolly of "Tarot for the Journeyman", p128-157. ISBN 0-87877-124-7. Out of print :(

Disagreements concerning spread fully attributed to Reed of Occult Corpus.

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Posted 18 April 2012 - 09:09 PM

Having posted this moments ago, I now show the reason why I posted the Rahdue's Wheel as a different thread.

I would like to gain further experience in doing this reading, and now personally offer to a regular here on OC my reading of the Rahdue's Wheel.

All I ask is that you are part of the community, and have been so for at least 100 posts. I also ask that you release me from the traditional secrecy of a reading and allow it to be published here on OC.

Please be aware that this reading can take upwards of 3 hours, and I would like to be in chat with whom I finally decide during this reading.

Edited by Reed, 18 April 2012 - 09:11 PM.

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 05:16 AM

Still no takers on a free reading of this type?

I do have a reason for this: I've only done it twice (myself, and one other). I'm looking for experience, and someone willing to work with that fact.

I'd still like someone who has been part of the community, prefer 100+ posts. And because of the nature of this reading, I still ask that the majority be public to this forum. I can plenty understand certain topics may be kept to PM or email, and I will do as such if I feel a specific topic arises.

(The second time I did this spread, I did it for a small group, with an individual as the recipient. I ended up emailing them explaining a block that I considered too sensitive for discussion in a group setting. I gave the 'general' reading, not as sensitive part in the group though.)

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#4 jes

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 05:56 AM

I'd be up for it, do you need any information from me?
It doesn't matter what they say, in the jealous games people play - The Go-Gos

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 06:10 AM

I shouldn't need any information up front.

The first part of the reading is just that powerful though, as it delves right in. However, the block and pillars do tend to pull out strong happenings in your life.

Let me see what I'll be doing tomorrow evening/night. I should be able to do it then, if that's OK with you.

#6 jes

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 06:16 AM

Sounds good, pm a time and messenger you would like to use.

edit - if you are a night owl like me, that would work best, but most any time should be good.

Edited by jes, 28 May 2012 - 06:18 AM.

It doesn't matter what they say, in the jealous games people play - The Go-Gos

For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great.... you have no power over me.

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