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Jiridon - The Science Of The Trees

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 05:43 PM

Just wanted to see if anyone in here is familiar with the concept of Jiridon, or "The Science Of The Trees." It is a system of beliefs and practices by the Mande people of Mali, in western Africa. It is based around the concept of nyama, "the energy of action." The idea is that everything in nature has an energy, and by learning the nature of that energy, you can use it to your advantage. The people who have been trained to do this are nyamakala, "handlers of the energy of action".
I go from there and say that, ultimately, I know very little about this topic, and I deeply regret that. I first came across the idea when I had attended Indiana University back in '05. I was in a class called "Magic, Science and Art in Africa," which was more about the Mande people than anything else, but had significant portions dedicated discussing some of the basic ideas behind Jiridon. Unfortunately, I was in a fairly low point of my academic career and didn't give the class the attention it really deserved. It is even more unfortunate since information on the subject is incredibly scarce.
I did keep some notes, which I am trying to relocate. I will try to post more information as I come across it, but until then, have a look at this:
It's a book written by the professor who taught the class. The link is only a preview, but give it a look and see if you find it interesting. Also, if you happen to be familiar with the subject already, feel free to discuss.
Johnny Voodoo

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 07:11 PM

I am the sacred Fire keeper of Nature so I use this natural energy very much in my work. Nature works very well and meditating under trees is very grounding and giving as Nature kinda knows everything lol, especially trees.

But a path for any occultist is to learn the difference between the unmanifested world and the world of manifestation and to learn how to control the unmanifested using Will. Everything is first happening in the world of spirits and after that a manifestation follows.
"Don't mind the God, beware of the owner!"

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