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Palo Mexica

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Posted 28 February 2016 - 03:39 AM

View Postteopiltzin, on 16 June 2010 - 05:58 AM, said:

Yes I understand that, but I use to do the LBRP, so a knockoff would be appropriate. "Steal everything in sight," I usually say. If it works it works. What's important is invoking the aztec gods, they don't mind how, at least in my experience. As a revolutionary nahualli, I take from other systems what I could. Ancient aztec sorcery is a lost art and has to be reconstructed from ashes of oral traditions and creative innovation. Btw the pot works. Google "Palo Mayombe Prenda" and you'll see what i mean. My practice is basically folk magick, but my attitude is Chaos. But I don't believe in Chaos! I believe in a predetermined universe as did the Aztecs. The aztec MP and LBRP works. That's all that matters. But I do respect your opinion. I'll go on with practicing it though. I don't think the aztecs did banishing rituals!

It is aztec chaos!


Not really different from modern Mexican brujeria, curendo, or Aztec religion practices are now. Tezcatlipoca seems to have taken the role of "Lucifer", a title the Spaniards gave him, in brujeria. (Fitting as Yaotl or enemy is a title of his, which is what Satan translates to.) Other things include like Santa Muerte and modern villages where the old religion fused with folk Catholicism. As Tim said in Dialogue of the Earth and Sky, "they never met a god they did not like.". In my personal experience, they don't seem to mind Hebrew or Abrahamic influenced stuff all the time, especially considering that brujeria is similar to a lot of modern occult systems because they have partial roots in the same occultism a lot of people use.

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