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Meet the Mod Team!

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#1 Qryztufre


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 09:51 PM

In the following posts you'll get a chance to learn a bit about each of the moderating team here at OccultCorpus.
Appalachian Crone


Super Moderator:
Curious Cat

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#2 Qryztufre


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Posted 16 October 2006 - 09:52 PM

Name: Qryztufre
My name is really Christopher if you've not been able to figure that out from my Username here...though, Qryztufre is pronounced with a slightly Z'ed S.

D.O.B.: Oct. 19, 1972 ; 2:05AM
Place of birth: Fort Worth Texas (at that airforce base from the X-files!)
Where I grew up: Battle Creek, Mi.
where I'm currently living: Athens Tn.
Age: 37

Path: For the better part, I'm a Chaote, though I'll generally say I "practice magiQ" and you may notice that I've a few very strange views as to what is what in the magickal world. So I'd suggest not taking my word as a universal truth, as the only place it's often true is within my own paradigm.

For years, I studied the Necronomicon & magick from ancient Sumer/Babylon. You'll notice my many posts in the Cthulhu Mythos forum, and I'll likely remain rather active there, though no longer deal with the majority of entities I talk about.

You may also notice my keen interest in Fairies, lol...

Interests: I have many, and as far as the occult goes, simply watch my posting style and where I post to get a feel for what I'm currently looking into on the magickal front.

On the Mundane front though, I'm quickly becoming a "good ole' boy" as I've moved from the inner city in Michigan and now live in the back woods of Tennessee. I LOVE it here! And I've gotten my hands dirty in the garden, and have smashed a few fingers trying my hand at crafts. I can make some pretty unique bird houses ^_^

Career: Husband of Forest Breath *pokes Cyndi* and now a Farmer (taking care of Chickens, Pigs, and Goats)

Random notes: I'm generally a happy-go-lucky fellow with a pleasant outlook on life. Granted, I'm a Libra, so I guess that may have something to do with it...

#3 Appalachian Crone

    Q's Wife

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Posted 17 October 2006 - 02:49 PM

Name: Forest Breath
I have been known on the Net as Broken Iris and Mitakola. Some call me by my “real” name which is Cyndi.

D.O.B.: March 17, 1962
Place of birth: A little town in the mountains of East Tennessee
Where I grew up: The same little town in the mountains of East Tennessee
Where I'm currently living: The same little town in the mountains of East Tennessee (only now on a 10 year old farm without electricity)
Age: 47

Path: I have most of my experience in the field of Native American Studies involving various tribes. I have participated in many ceremonies in this area. In addition to this, I have experience with the Rosicrucians (AMORC), Scientology, Golden Dawn, Freemasons, Ordo Templi Orientis, Wicca, Asatru, Celtic Studies, Traditional Witchcraft, Astral Projection (and various journeys of the soul), Druidry, Thelema and Buddhism. I also practice blood and animal sacrifice as needed. I have 29 years experience in some of these areas.

I am a Hedgewitch and live this particular Path daily. My website can be found through my signature. I also have strong ties to the Druid Path and continue to study in that area. I prefer to live a peaceful lifestyle and attempt to deal with daily life in a peaceful manner, but that does not mean I am full of fluff and fun. If you piss me off enough, I will crush you like a cockroach and will not lose a minute sleep over the decision to do so.

Interests: My interests are as varied as the Paths I have studied. I have an “interest” in all things magickal and Occult related. However, my “Path” is as described above. As for personal interests….

I taught Wilderness Survival Skills for many years. I am really big on self sufficient living. I drink raw milk, churn butter, grow and process my foods for the year, process deer and chickens for meat. I love to cook and sew. I make everything from clothes to quilts and cloth dolls. I have 10 cats, 2 dogs. 2 pigs and 2 goats. I live in the country and my heart could never be far from these mountains. I love hiking, backpacking and camping. I write poetry and have been working on a book that will some day be published (if I ever finish the photography for it). It will be called “A Walk Through the Cherokee National Forest” with photos and drawings I have done along with my poems and quotes from my journals.

Career: I have a BS in Environmental Education and worked for the Forest Service and the Cradle of Forestry Interpretive Association in this area. Government budget cuts threatened my job and I now have a career as a Social Worker for Mentally Retarded Adults. I am also an investigator for suspected incidents of abuse, neglect or mistreatment in this field.

Random notes: I have 3 lovely grandchildren. Lakota, will turn 12 on December 25th. Devin will be 7 in July and Perrin will be 5 in June. I have 2 daughters (29 and 30 years old). I am engaged to Qryztufre and we live together. This year finds us beginning our journey on this old farm in hopes of bringing it back to life. I am old fashioned and rather boring. LOL I even have old fashioned morals and lifestyle. But….I am happy!

I am that Columbine!

#4 Mmothra

    Mahasiddha Trainee

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Posted 17 October 2006 - 04:24 PM

Name: Mark

D.O.B.: 15 July 1966

Place of birth: Maine, USA

Where I grew up: See above.

Where I'm currently living: San Francisco, CA

Path: Buddhist, Kagyu lineage

Interests: Reading, writing, music, gardening...basic stuff.

Career: Human resources

Random notes: I live with my partner of 12+ years and our parrot, Keats.

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#5 Bibimfupi

    Good Times...

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 03:11 PM

Name: Bibimfupi
D.O.B.: November 9, 1980
Place of birth: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 29

Path: none ^_^ I am agnostic and quite happy with my path...or lack of. I personally feel that there is no way for me to know the correct path and no point in pursuing it. I am usually very skeptic and enjoy listening to other peoples' points of view and learning how their minds work.

Currently living in Athens, TN

Career: 4 years active duty United States Navy where I worked as an Operations Specialist. I am currenty an Independent Support Cooridinator for adults with mental and physical disabilities. I coordinate the services they need in order to live happy, healthy lives.

Interests: I LOVE reading. I have a small library and love each and every book in it. I view books as works of art which should be cherished and taken care of :P I also love spending time with my son, who is spoiled rotten by his Chi Chi (grandmother) and maybe a little by myself as well. He is the light of my life.
Protect me from knowing what I don't need to know. Protect me from even knowing that there are things to know that I don't know. Protect me from knowing that I decided not to know about the things that I decided not to know about.

#6 Curious Cat

    Dances With The Dead

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 10:38 PM

Name: Curious Cat

Age: I am close to 30.

Where I grew up: I grew up all around the United States. I lived in all areas of the country except the Southwest, although I was close to the Southwest for a while.

Where I'm currently living: The Beach

Path: Cafeteria Mysticism. I borrow practices from different groups and incorporate them into an eclectic hodgepodge of a practice.

Interests: I spend a great deal of my time reading and trying out different means to attain altered states without the use of drugs.

Career: I am a high school teacher.

Random notes: I live with my wife. We have been together almost ten years.

Also, I have been reading books on the occult and mysticism since I was 13. I read the books secretly, many times I would take the bus to the bookstore and read the book only in the store. I would sometimes make multiple trips to finish a book. Today I still keep my practices a secret from most people I know.

#7 Whispers


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Posted 14 October 2010 - 03:22 PM

Name : Whispers

Currently living in Portugal/Europe

Path : Sorcery/Chaos Magic (honestly I am just a fluffy bunny in disguise)

Interests : Magic (Chaos, Shamanism, Nagualism, Chinese Sorcery, Piramid Power, NAP, whatever, as long as I am able to make it work)
People that do magic (I've met a few members of several forums over the years)
Reiki (Western Traditional, Japanese Traditional, Essential, ReikiMix)
Alternative Medicine
Cooking (Portuguese, Italian, Chinese; Angolan, Indian, Cape Vert, Mozambican)
Activism (including magical fueled activism)
Martial Arts
Books by Authors like Saint Exupéry, Jean Rostand, Michael Moorcock, Eric Lustbader, Paul-Clement Jagot, Hector Durville, Pierre Rey, Raymond Réant, ..., Dale Carnegie, Theodore Sturgeon, Carlos Castaneda; Yukio Mishima.

Career : selling laboratory equipment for more than 20 years. Also worked as a security officer, cleaned toilets and stairs, sold insurance, worked on data entry and on direct marketing, was a clerk in a hotel.

Random Notes : I was on the army for too long and my only good memory of it is the day I left.

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