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Social Peeves of CM's

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 10:42 PM

People who shove their ideologies on the world, like evangelists, newly "wiccafied" teen wiccans, and christians/muslims in /christian/islamic majority countries.

Anybody who belongs to an exclusive religion (see above) as it promotes evangelism

WOW! oh good, Im going to hell youre going to heaven, or some layer of it, I agree, please shut up!

Also, it isolates them as "righteous" from "evil" people simply by belief, regardless of actions.

And the utter hypocrisy and evil of such evangelists, we all think jack chic tracts are funny, and laugh thinking "who could believe this?" but, you know, its meant to brainwash kids, and is a technique they picked up from communism!

And these are the bunch that thinks anyone who isn't a hard right christian conservative is a socialist!

Also, I hate trees.

I'm looking at one right now, and its pissing me off.
Reality is what we make it, our magick is our own.
You can be a god, or a human, whichever you choose, whichever you work for.

Nothing is impossible

"Instead of attempting to FIT THE FACTS into your perception of Magick why don't you EXPAND YOUR PERCEPTION to fit the Magickal facts.
The only limits to our Magick are our own..."
- I AM

The Left Hand Path

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Posted 18 February 2009 - 12:51 AM

Azzerac said:

The concept that if you work on personal power, as an atheist spell-caster, you are by default a "Satanist". WTF?!? You go ahead, run along, and play your name-game. I've I've got work to get done. Why must a good person, working without a deity, be lumped in with that pretentious noise about "Left-handed paths"?

Yeah, you've got to love those guys. Apparently, according to them, the appropriate developmental stance for anybody is a foetal position on the floor, more or less.

- You aren't allowed to keep your personal space clear of acorporeal randoms, if you just happen to be sensitive; that's Satanism. Nightmares and insomnia while rigid with terror are the will of God, you know. ;)

- You aren't allowed to develop imagination, visualisation abilities, or (heaven forfend most of all) your astral senses. Astral space is the exclusive domain of Satan; absolutely nobody else lives there.

- You aren't allowed to learn how to become more assertive, and (while remaining positive) prevent other people from walking all over you, that's especially Satanic. Jesus was a servant, you see, and you should be too...and never mind the fact that most fundamentalists make no distinction between, "servant," and, "doormat."

- You aren't allowed to have a cent more than what you need in order to avoid starving, and you especially aren't allowed to employ any paranormal abilities which you potentially might have in the persuit of such, either. That is probably more monstrously, deeply Satanic than anything else listed here. ;)


The phrase "Love Donation"! Who do you think you're fooling?!? It's a price tag, and you try to make yourself feel loved in the process?!? Are you that desperate for other people's approval that you need to extort affection along with your exorbitant price tag?

Oh yeah; this is one of my very special favourites, this one. The "fixed donation." I seriously have to wonder who first came up with that brilliant idea; I owe them a proverbial Three Stooges slap. ;)

If I want something, I have no problem paying for it. Things cost money, and people have expenses. I get that. If you're providing me a service, which is something I value, then it is only entirely fair if I give you something in return. Call it the price of services rendered, and I will have no problem with it. Call it a "fixed donation," and I'll likely think you're an idiot, and a liar to boot.

It's not a "fixed donation," because a donation is defined as money that is paid regardless of whether a service is rendered or not. It's a fee for service rendered.


"It's All Good"! Who the hell came up with that touchy-feely trash?!? Look around you: It ain't "all good"

Anyone who believes that, though, fairly quickly experiences the effect of Darwin's principle asserting itself. I strongly suspect that that is one meme which has already outlived the original person who gave birth to it. So it's all good. ;)


People who live their lives as nothing more than an "Eat/Sleep/Work/Breed" machines. That's it. They break up the monotony with


sporting events




Dancing's fun. Some people apparently find casual sex entertaining as well, although I haven't tried that myself. I've only had one girlfriend before, and she sort of got me hooked on the idea that sex should ideally involve positive emotional gratification as well; so I'm likely to remain celibate until my next relationship. (If there is a next one, which is by no means certain at this point)



Boring, and potentially intellectually and psychologically destructive as well. When I was living alone, I literally didn't own a television. Now, after moving back in with my mother, the TV goes on at 6 pm, and stays on until 10, and truthfully I hate it. Nothing but sensationalistic reporting of bad news, and a lot of other mind numbing, intelligence destroying crap.

About the only thing I ever really want to watch TV for is for weather forecasts, and I can get those online. The rest of it is just a waste of time, and if I want to waste time, I can do that more enjoyably as well.



I smoked weed for a while, but that got old after around 18 months or so. Truthfully, I'd like to do Salvia Divinorum and maybe acid, at least once, but absolutely nothing else. I wouldn't do Salvia recklessly, either; I've read about the plant Goddess associated with that, and I would be respectful. Acid scares me though a bit, I will admit.

I had to leave my old neighbourhood because of violence induced by methamphetamines, so I have a very dim view of that particular substance, as well. Ecstasy would also kill me, but I don't have anything against other people who do it, if they enjoy that. Heroine and crack in particular are also no-nos to the point where it almost goes without saying.


"Congratulations! You've found your way back to the cave-man stage"!

Nah. Most people just never left it in the first place. ;)

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