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Occult Science And Mysticism


Happy Holidays

Posted by Spida, 17 December 2017 · 416 views


Altered States

Posted by Spida, 06 December 2017 · 359 views
Consciousness, Shadow People
A quick synopsis of Altered States prior to Ritual
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Shadows And Spiders

There are a couple catalysts that manifest this phenomena. Shadows are common during hypnopompic, and hypnagogic Sleep states, but can occur...


The Abyss

Posted by Spida, 16 November 2017 · 667 views
Daath, Jehova Elohim
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Throw me into the Abyss, and I will reemerge when the conditions are right. Eternity shall be my savior, always. - Spida

General Mysticism:

There are several interpretations...


Ritual Of Venus

Posted by Spida, 13 November 2017 · 1,143 views
Beauty, Love, Lust
Ritual Of Venus Ritual Of Venus

Improvised Ritual Of Venus ונוס אלת היופי

Ritual Elements:

Fasting: 4Hr Minimum to 30 Hrs.

Psychoactive/Altered State

Ritual Attire: Green/Yellow Queen Scale of...



Posted by Spida, 02 November 2017 · 531 views
Grim Reaper, Eternal Recurrence
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Beyond Time, there is Eternity. Where anything that is possible to exist, will exist. Not once, but an infinite number of times; in an infinite number of ways, forever. For if the Cause has never, and will never cease to exist. Then neither shall its Effects.

I once heard a Rabbit...


Mechanics Of Ritual Elements

Posted by Spida, 28 October 2017 · 537 views
Fragrance, Vibration, Candles
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So what I do here is I take various Ritual Elements, and I establish a context that is more objective, and less wishful thinking. So that it can be understood how various Ritual Apparatus function. It is good to know the characteristics/properties...


The Tree Of Death

Posted by Spida, 23 October 2017 · 468 views
Qliphoth, Orders, Inverse Tree
An introduction to the Inverse Tree. The Tree of Death.
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If you think of Creation in it's entirety as a Spectrum. Where labels are fabricated by man, and assigned to Divine realities that must be categorized in some form, such as Good and Evil. Which in reality...


The Serpent

Posted by Spida, 21 October 2017 · 621 views
Sine Wave
The Serpent Sine, Sine, Serpentine...the Snake,

Positive And Negative Existence:
Everything is a reflection of everything else, from nothing to everything. A spectral analysis of Creation. Introducing The Serpent.

The Serpent garners form as it traverses through the densities of Creation. Formless States of non existence In Chaos The Serpent is like Fire,...


The Supernal Triad

Posted by Spida, 17 October 2017 · 802 views
Kether, Chokmah, Binah
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been fasting for about 24 hours, and the last time I did eat it wasn't much. it's not a very pleasant experience when the Elixir is introduced in this context, but there are certainly worse things, so I have nothing to complain about. Just a minor grievance...


Yetzirah World Of Angels

Posted by Spida, 11 October 2017 · 519 views
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It's interesting how I started out and where I ended up. Initially my objective was to interact with the Creators and Preservers of the Universe, i.e. the Workman, or Angels. I figured(via contemplation)that they did exist, so the only question is...

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