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Story Time: Learning Forgiveness (One Of My Personal Struggles)

Posted by Dogmother91, 23 October 2018 · 173 views

I guess that this is going to really just turn into a place to vent. The past year had been kind crazy and kinda not. I am going to post two different stories, because it is coming to the end of the year and these two stories have been the major turning point for me this year. if anyone reads this, would you be interested in hearing my EVP...


When You're Doing Dumb Pointless Tasks Out Of Boredom And Get A Good Scare

Posted by Dogmother91, 06 September 2017 · 576 views

So yesterday my friend and I got very bored...how bored? Bored enough to go on on the app store and mess around with so called "ghost hunting" apps
Mind you nothing is just going to turn your device into this magical ghost portal instantly...
The truth is these apps spit out random images and words but for entertainment value sometimes it's a...


Another One Of My Stories: When My Dad Visits

Posted by Dogmother91, 06 September 2017 · 380 views

When I was 19 my dad died obviously
A year later I thought I was loosing it because he had a paste maker that would make a ticking noise very similar to analog clocks and just as on rhythm with the second when I had been at this house something had tried copying it...but listening to your dads heart most of your life since you where 5 years old you'll...


Possible Accidently Pranic Healing

Posted by Dogmother91, 26 April 2017 · 436 views

So I mean accident in a sense because apparently im having a situation where this stone is speaking to me? Like not verbally of course its more of a saying in this sense but after doing research on the stone and talking to a few natives from where it comes from (had to do some social media searching that can be a pain) I think its a total oops moment but...


Super Cliche Subject: Taorot Readings

Posted by Dogmother91, 18 April 2017 · 395 views

Yeah something I've been getting into more the past year....almost year

I started doing this when I was a teen my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday and she realized I was her weird child lol

So I stopped doing them for a while but I'm getting back into them and I had what I feel is like "the golden spread" like no matter which...


Babling Idot

Posted by Dogmother91, 18 April 2017 · 432 views

I probably sound like one but when one seeks the confidence to go forth in life we can't really be worried about that too much....probably lol that sounds about right at least

Anyways I didn't think I'd even get a quarter of the views I did on this blog so if you think I'm crazy or you find it relatable or if you where just bored and...


My Dearest Brother

Posted by Dogmother91, 18 April 2017 · 339 views

So I mostly forgot which tid bits of info I had shared previously but I didn't expect a few months later to get almost 800 views

The point of the previous blogs was to see if there where other people who knew the exact terms to whats been going on in my life over the years but no comments so in light of entertainment at least hopefully they're...


Another One To Break Up The Crazy Experiences

Posted by Dogmother91, 10 January 2017 · 393 views

Okay so another atuthenic story remotely worth sharing is the first time someone blew my mind

Keep in mind that at this time you couldn't see in my house from the street, I didn't posses a web cam or anything to video chat on and I have never liked anyone going in my room and I just didn't put it out there for anyone online to know what my...


A Little Bit More A Happy Memory And Odd Bits

Posted by Dogmother91, 10 January 2017 · 436 views

So I thought that apart from the crazy hot mess that is my other numbered blogs id post something different maybe it would shed more light on it maybe it want or maybe it will just be interesting to read...who knows?

I have to shovel some snow today and somehow my shovel vanished I think I lent it to my neighbors and forgot to ask for it back so waiting...


Part 3

Posted by Dogmother91, 09 January 2017 · 448 views

So my friends dad turned out to be a raging nut
I had to make it very clear that I wasn't going to be intimidated and that took some time but eventually as stalking or threats go i out of our little nightmare group am not stalked anymore which took some months....sadly enough

So vaguely I was attempting to push the entity or energy or whatever you...