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Functions Of Magical Languages

Posted by wren, in Magical language 18 December 2016 · 931 views

Now that I've looked at what might make a magical language magical, let's look at what you might desire to do with a magical language.

Spoken language:

1 Voces magicae. Barbaric names, names of power, and secret names of God, are all important in magical ceremonies cross-culturally. A magical language will be used to recite, chant, or sing special proper nouns.

2. Sound concentration. A certain vowel, dipthong, and/or primal morpheme can be used to practice auralization and may be incorporated into "pranayama" and/or recitation of "mantra."

3. Ala Bardon, you may want to "pronounce a kabbalistic formula," coupling multisensory imagination with the pronounciation of a "spell."

4. Poetry. You might want to compose poetry, or read poetry relating to magical outcomes or spiritual companions.

5. Orations. Prosaic passages related to magical actions.

6. Prayer/ spirit communication. You may want to use a magical language during prayer or spiritual communication.

Written language:

7. Encryption. You may need or want a magical language to encrypt personal spiritual information from prying eyes.

8. Visual concentration. All auralization or sound concentration uses also apply to visual imagination and image concentration.

9. Talismans. Magical languages are often used in talisman construction, whether through engraving, casting, writing, painting, or even weaving.

10. Magic books. Obviously you want to write a magic book in a magic language.

11. Gematria.

12. Tracing them in the air.

I do not know why Ancient Egyptian has been wiped off the face of this earth. It is THE most powerful magical language since the beginning of Magic. I chanted some Rites from Hieroglyphs and the power shook me and my 2 other witch friends performing Litha Celebrations. The vibration is outstanding.

I guess the power was held back for obvious reasons.

I'm new to this website and so exited to read and share so many things thank you for this thread I have always been so fascinated by magic words and totally agree with hidden names of God. I believe the Quran has magic words they call Names of God but they were ancient summonings. I have used them in spells with great success.
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