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Functions Of Magical Languages

Posted by wren, in Magical language 18 December 2016 · 931 views

Now that I've looked at what might make a magical language magical, let's look at what you might desire to do with a magical language.

Spoken language:

1 Voces magicae. Barbaric names, names of power, and secret names of God, are all important in magical ceremonies cross-culturally. A magical language will be used to recite, chant, or sing special...


Towards A Magical Language

Posted by wren, in Magical language 18 December 2016 · 555 views

Part of my grand vision of producing a truly unique book of magic is designing/receiving/or learning a magical language.

So, what is a magical language? Hebrew, Ouranic-barbaric, e-prime, Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Runes, Latin, Cipher alphabets, Enochian, The Alphabet of Desire, Arabic, Syriac, Phoenetian, Japanese are all "magical languages."...


Coming To Understand A Symbol

Posted by wren, 17 December 2016 · 492 views

For a long time now, I've been running into the same symbol again and again in dreams and visions. When I try to scry out the shape of the magic circle that most fits me, I see the {8,2}=2{4} stellated octogon/octogram and its circumcircle.

I haven't been able to find much traditional lore on this figure, and so have been letting it float in the...


Materials Experiment 2

Posted by wren, in Book magic, materials 25 June 2016 · 626 views

Laminated cardboard:

1. As expected, a firm bond can be made between the gloss-matte and matte-matte sides of printed cardboard. All combinations work with just school glue.

2. The printed image on these boxes can be sanded away. Sanded cardboard accepts gesso readily and dries quickly.


Materials Experiment 1

Posted by wren, in materials, Book magic 25 June 2016 · 555 views

Concerning the lamination of cardboard into a paperboard substitute:

1. Gesso does not want to stick to the glossy side. It takes a long time to dry between coats. It needs something like four coats to cover the images printed on the material.

2. Using school glue, a force distributer, and clamps I was able to get a shiny side to shiny side bond.


To Build A Book

Posted by wren, in Book magic 23 June 2016 · 517 views

There are roughly five types of skills needed to make a magic book. That's a lot. It's a bit overwhelming for a new guy. I'm going to try it anyway.

Firstly you have to be good at "magic," because, obviously, that's what makes a magic book. Whatever "magic" is.

Secondly, you have to be able to layout and generate the...


Alternative Bases And English Gematria

Posted by wren, 24 April 2016 · 527 views

I have found myself thinking about English gematria again. It isn't terribly useful to me at the moment, but I have some thoughts to share regardless.

1. We have two cases of letters. This is just as important as final letter forms, so uppercase and lowercase letters should get their own value?

2. Ignoring one, the twenty-six letters can be made to...


Black And Light

Posted by wren, 04 April 2016 · 676 views

I've realized something very weird.

Candle flames are only bright... because of soot.

We think of soot as being dirty and vaguely evil, but without soot there isn't any black-body radiation.

Because soot is black, it absorbs light. Following thermodynamics, it tries to shake off that energy, and it does so by emitting light of its own. This is...

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