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A Discussion With Voidgazing Part 1

Posted by SilentSeeker, 27 January 2017 · 980 views

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(Talk about 'void gazing,' amirite?)


And the time just keeps on slippin by don't it? With the Solar New Year passing about a month ago and the Lunar one changing over today, can safely relay that it's been far too long mes amis; though it is for that reason that I'm especially glad to welcome you all back here for another installation of Breadcrumbs.

Today's interview will be with OC member, moderator and administrator--Monsieur Funny Bunny himself--Voidgazing. As has been our luck, this conversation was, like all the previous ones, a lovely and insightful one. This particular interview was, however, a very special treat, as it was the first with one of our very own forum members as the subject. Hence, it should have a different flavor than our previous two outings. Either way, we're quite certain you'll enjoy.

Gonna keep this short as there's much to be done, including getting the other parts of this interview up and running--not to mention getting the Ramsey Dukes discussion up off the backburner and the SuccubusSherry discussion up and rolling. Will be seeing you all (hopefully) in the near future with some updates. May you and yours be well in the meantime

Download (Takes You To MediaFire--Y'All Can Grab The Files From There):
Part 1(Interview Begins at 3:01)

Cheers and Be Well.

Crumbs (Show Notes):

Stalking Hyena on Deviant Art:

Nalyd Khezr Bey on SoundCloud:

You're interviewing me in the same podcast series as Ramsey Dukes? Cor, that's amazing! I went to a Ramsey Dukes lecture once. He put a glass of water on the table and asked "is this a real glass of water?" and then it all got very entertaining, though I don't recall what he said next.
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I'm downloading this right now. I didn't sleep much last night. I'm gonna lay down and relax, and listen to this interview. I've been meaning to, now seems like a good time.

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