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A Chat With Zachary Lui

Posted by SilentSeeker, 08 July 2016 · 494 views

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After a bit of a break, we would like to welcome listeners, both new and old, to the second installment of Breadcrumbs On The Way. This outing, the show was blessed to be graced by the presence of Zachary Lui, an expert in Qigong, Reiki, and Western Magick proper. We touched on a lot of areas in our nearly three hour discussion, once again broken up into two parts, which hopefully allows for the information to be assimilated in more bite-sized chunks (and allows for the inclusion of Nayld's wonderful music, for which we're sure you all, as well as us, are grateful).

A brief sampling of the topics we broached are as follows: the different kinds of qigong from both a practical and philosophical standpoint (i.e martial vs medical/Daoist vs Confucian), the more mystical aspects of Confucius and the works he advocated/studied, the liberal intersection of 'occult' topics in Chinese culture (i.e feng shui, charms, astrology, magic) throughout history and its more open relationship with 'the mundane,' and how the general Chinese cultural outlook influences a practitioner's engagement with the occult/magical aspects of Buddhism, Daoism and/or Confucianism. We also did touch upon chaos magic and how his foundation in Western magic under the tutelage of Andrieh helped prepare Zac for his role as a folk priest in community.

It was a truly insightful and informative discussion and it's not very likely anyone could listen to it without walking away with something new. Moreover, despite the emphasis on Chinese culture/philosophy and how it interacts with the more magical aspects of life, listening to Zac will most likely encourage one--assuming they haven't already--to look into how the philosophical foundations and tenets of Western Cultural influence their magical practices and the lens through which they view their engagement of the spirit world.

All in all it was a great discussion and one we're sure you'll enjoy. So without further blathering on my end, have a listen will ya? We hope you'll like it and if you do: please share a link to the page so more people can get in on the party.

Also, just so you're all aware what's coming down the pike: next up will be the first OC Member Interview with Voidgazing--so make sure to get your popcorn ready--as that should be coming your way in about two weeks (for real this time). After that, the legendary Ramsey Dukes is slated to join us which will likely be a blast as well.

So please, show us some love by leaving comments/constructive critiques and getting the word out about the show and the OC in general. Hoping to see some new fac...err...avatars around the boards in the near future to discuss the topics covered here or anything else that suits your fancy.

So take care beautiful people, may you and yours be blessed with good fortune.

Download (Takes You To MediaFire--Y'All Can Grab The Files From There):
Part 1 (Interview Begins at ~04:34)||Part 2
(Interview Resumes at ~02:36)

Cheers and Be Well.

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