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Breadcrumbs On The Way


A Discussion With Voidgazing Part 1

Posted by SilentSeeker, 27 January 2017 · 980 views

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(Talk about 'void gazing,' amirite?)


And the time just keeps on slippin by don't it? With the Solar New Year passing about a month ago and the Lunar one changing over today, can safely relay that it's been far too long mes...


A Chat With Zachary Lui

Posted by SilentSeeker, 08 July 2016 · 816 views

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After a bit of a break, we would like to welcome listeners, both new and old, to the second installment of Breadcrumbs On The Way. This outing, the show was blessed to be graced by the presence of Zachary Lui, an expert in Qigong,...


Episode Zero: An Interview With Damo Mitchell[Video]

Posted by SilentSeeker, 13 May 2016 · 1,096 views

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Greetings All,

Hope this post finds you and yours well. Below, you should find the video (approx 2.5 hrs long) with Damo Mitchell's answers to the...


The Maiden Voyage: Our Chat With Andrieh Vitimus

Posted by SilentSeeker, 25 April 2016 · 1,280 views

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After much talk and a long wait, finally finished putting this together--the first episode of Breadcrumbs On The Way, containing a more than three hour chat with Andrieh Vitimus (whom, among many things, is a...


A Preliminary Thought Experiment

Posted by SilentSeeker, 01 April 2016 · 873 views

A Preliminary Thought Experiment Greetings,

One of the goals for Breadcrumbs, aside from helping newer mages start off on the path and obtain exposure to more diverse ideas while they take to navigating the online occulture, is to foster discussion amongst OC members on the forum. And while it will still take a bit of time and elbowgrease to complete and upload the first episode...

Words Of The Wise

Psychotherapy may begin with the primitive, but it must end with the divine, for both are integral factors in the human mind.
--Violet M. Firth (Dion Fortune)