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Starting At The Beginning: Kether (Pt. 1)

Posted by Theosophist, 22 January 2015 · 1,786 views

Kether and the Number One

I apologize for the rushed introduction, but I wanted to get to the actual 'meat and potatos' of the Qabalah. Hopfully, as we explore, things will become clearer along the way.

Looking at the first file (Tree of Life - Kether) we can see that Kether is represented as the yellow sphere at the top of the diagram. It is called The Crown (the meaning of the Hebrew word keter), and as such it sits "above the head of Adam Kadmon, the Archetypal Man of the Zohar who symbolizes the entire manifest Universe."* It is the Point from which all Creation springs.

You can look at the Tree as being upside down, sort of. The roots of the Tree are in Kether; this is where the emanation of Creation begins - it is the Source. The branches and leaves of the Tree are the other nine Sephiroth, which find as their terminus, Malkuth, the bottom sphere on the diagram. This is the material Universe, the Earth on which we walk, the so-called 'physical world' around us.

"The Point (Kether) is complete unto itself, without dimensions or external definition. It represents total Unity. It is the seed from which the Universe (kosmos) grows. Ultimately, all is Kether, and each of the Sepiroth emanating sucessively from Kether are crystallizations of the latent aspects of the One. The journey of manifestation begins and ends with Kether."*

Kether as The Point is attributed to the number One, which is pure Potentiality. This is the Monad, the Pythagorean Source of all that is. In Pythagorean thought, there is the number One, and then there is the Dyad (or multiplicity). The Monad is the One indivisible template for all existence; the Primal Cause, or First Mover. Put in modern terminology, it is the singularity from which all creation sprang in the Big Bang (this is just an illustration, try not to take it too literally).

It is clear from the above that we are in some 'rarified air' when we are talking about concepts as sublime as Kether. Normal language is insufficient to explain some of these 'lofty ideas.' For that reason, people have used symbols to help us understand what seems to be nearly incomprehensible.

One such symbol is the Swastika (which was viciously co-opted by the Nazis). The Swastika is an ancient symbol (found all over the world) of the "First Swirlings" of manifestation - the singularity just before the Big Bang - completly self-contained, but always in motion.

Practical Application

The most profound concepts in the Qabalah are not something that can be known by the intellect, but they can be experienced, to a certain extent. This is where Pathworking comes in. By meditating (visualizing, skrying) on the Sephiroth we can come to an understanding of the energies (entities, personalities, essences) inherent in them.

Since Kether is The Crown we could approach our meditation by imagining The Crown on our own heads, sort of a Light just above us. This is the Source of all spiritual development, and we can perform sort of an invocation, as it were, of this Highest Consciousness. The God name of Kether is Eheieh, which means I WILL BE, and that is a good mantra for this meditation. I have always found the 'mindfulness' type of meditation (cf. Buddhism) to be the most helpful here for achieving the state desired.

One last point before I close this installment. The fundamentalist element in christianity (throughout history, not just today) has always seen the world as evil, separate from God in every way, since God, according to them, is all-holy and in him no evil can exist. Therefore, the material world, and by extension, our bodies, are evil and must be overcome in order to be truly 'spiritual.' Nothing could be further from the truth.

As we shall see later on in these studies, even 'evil' proceeds from the One Source. That which we normally call 'evil' is merely unbalanced energies; energies which must be balanced in the person of the Qabalistic magic(k)ian. Part of this balancing is recognizing the true Source of all the energies of the kosmos, and dealing with them as further aspects of that One Source. More on this later.

I will be publishing a part two of this study in a few days.

*Quotations in this post are taken from The Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang.

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Thank you for this. I have just started studying the Kabbalah and definitely appreciate your post.
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Thank you for the Posts. Can wait for the next one!
I really needed these posts so I can learn more about the Kabbalah.
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